Gold Beach Oregon

Gold Beach Oregon prides itself on its "Wild and Natural" aspects. You can find the inviting town along the remote Southern Oregon coast approximately 60 miles south of Coos Bay and 80 miles west of Medford. The Gold Beach area is defined by uncrowded beaches, rocky headlands, rugged coastal stretches, and the Rogue River. A number of coastal state parks can be found to the immediate north and south of town, and a short drive east is all that is required to get to the Siskiyou National Forest. It’s an area where you can go to get a full dose of scenic beauty and outdoor recreation, and therein lies much of the allure when it comes to Gold Beach escapes.

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation
Outdoor Recreation  Image: timquijano (flickr)

The list of recreational activities that can be enjoyed in and around Gold Beach Oregon is a long one. Hiking is among the most popular things to do, thanks in part to coastal trails and the trekking opportunities that await in the Siskiyou National Forest. You can also hike along the Lower Rogue River Trail, which as its name implies, runs along the Rogue River. Rafting and fishing are among the activities that can be enjoyed on the Rogue River itself, and the area waterways in general can also be used for boating, canoeing, and kayaking. Along the rugged coastline, strolling along the beaches is understandably popular. Recreational enthusiasts can also try their hand at such coastal pursuits as windsurfing, crabbing, clamming, and tidepooling. It should be noted that the year-round climate in Gold Beach is more temperate than it is anywhere else along the Oregon coast. This only lends to the town’s designation as an outdoor recreational hot spot.

Gold Beach Oregon Beaches

Gold Beach Oregon Beaches
Gold Beach Oregon Beaches  Image: Adam Kahtava (flickr)

There are miles and miles of beaches that can be found in and around Gold Beach Oregon, and most, if not all, are exceptionally beautiful and uncrowded. Parking is usually easy to come by near the area’s inviting strips of sand, with many beach access points being found just off Highway 101. Among the most notable beaches in the Gold Beach area is Meyers Beach. It can be found south of town and is mostly known for its scenic appeal. Large rocks that are collectively referred to as the Sea Stacks help break up the surf just offshore. As is true of so many beaches in and around Gold Beach Oregon, Meyers Beach is a great place to go wind surfing or surfing. Examples of other beaches that can be found in or near Gold Beach are South Beach, Bailey Beach, and Nesika Beach. South Beach is immediately west of town and stretches for seven miles between the Rogue River and Cape Sebastian. Bailey Beach sits just north of South Beach across the Rogue River and is a strip of sand that you can drive a vehicle on. Nesika Beach is further north yet, and among other things, it is a great place to whale watch, walk, or jog.

Gold Beach Oregon Hotels

Gold Beach Oregon Hotels
Gold Beach Oregon Hotels

The Gold Beach Oregon hotels provide travelers with a wide array of lodging options. You can rent a rather rustic and cozy room at Ireland’s Rustic Lodges, secure one of the varied guest units at the multi-faceted Jot’s Resort, or scoop up a budget-friendly room at the well-priced Azalea Lodge. The Pacific Reef Resort is another place that is worth keeping in mind if you wish to go the resort route during your Gold Beach Oregon vacation, and such local lodging establishments as the Gold Beach Inn and the Motel 6 Gold Beach do well to give the Azalea Lodge a run for its money in the overall value department. The Inn of the Beachcomber and the Wild Chinook Inn are just two more Gold Beach hotels that offer value for the money, and bed and breakfast enthusiasts are likely to find favor with the Tu Tu Tun Lodge (pictured). Rounding out the list of recommendable hotels in Gold Beach is the Gold Beach Resort, and if something other than a hotel is what you have in mind, there are area vacation rentals and campsites to consider.

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