Hood River

Hood River in the Hood River Valley acts as a smaller tributary of the larger Columbia River in Oregon, and runs from Mount Hood. Hood River Oregon in the Hood River Valley has long been a popular place to visit, though the reasons for visiting have changed over the years. In the past, Hood River Oregon was widely known for the lush farmlands that surrounded it and provided an exceptional growing season for fruit farmers. Apples, cherries, pears and much, much more were often said to be better here than anywhere else in the state. While travelers will still find brightly colored fruit stands up and down the highway, the Hood River Valley is now home to even more attractions.

Hood River Oregon of late has attracted attention as an outstanding area for wineries. Wineries have popped up all along the river, and a number of Hood River hotels have followed suit. Hood River lodging for wine lovers can be planned specifically with wine tasting in mind. A number of Hood River hotel wine tours are available throughout the spring, summer and fall. The area can be quite cold during the winter, so warm weather tours tend to be the most popular.

Hood River Oregon
Hood River Oregon

Hood River itself has also gained attention as a great to stop off after taking an Oregon surf vacation or trip down the coastline. Hood River Hotels up throughout the valley cater to wine lovers, fruit gathers, surfers, and Oregon vacationers of all kinds. The most popular place to kite or windsurf in Hood River is the event site, located just a few moments from the center of town. Parking is free to the public, and though there is not a large beach it is an excellent place to launch a sailboard or kiteboard.

Another way to enjoy the Hood River Valley is by taking a ride on the Mount Hood Railroad. The Mount Hood Railroad operates between March and December, and runs routes through the valley and along the bottom portion of Mount Hood. Train rides last about four hours and are generally best in the summer, when flowers are in full bloom and there is a chance of getting some early fruit. While the excursion trains do make stops along the way for snacks, there is also a dinner train which is popular, as well as a brunch train for daytime travel. No matter which train ride you choose, the train will leave from the Mt. Hood Railroad depot in Hood River. Parking is available for a fee, which is above and beyond the ticket price. Ticket prices for a simple excursion are under $30 per person, while dinner and brunch trains can be twice that or a bit more, which includes the cost of your meal.

Enjoying the Hood River Valley through a train tour or on your own itinerary can be a lot of fun. Finding a Hood River Hotel in any part of the valley won't be a problem. While the busiest season for Hood River Lodging is during the summer, there are plenty of hotels open for business throughout the year. During the winter, nearby skiing and snowboarding at Timberline Lodge is a big favorite.

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