Lincoln City Oregon Hotels

Lincoln City is a central hub for activities and attractions along the Oregon coast, and there are multiple ways to enjoy a beach vacation in this bustling resort town. Travelers looking for a perfect spot to enjoy their holidays will find an array of beach hotels, lodges, and bed and breakfasts in the area, and several Lincoln City hotels are only a short distance from the beach and provide lovely ocean views. You will also find several local inns, chain motels, and cozy B&Bs close to restaurants and shopping areas.

One of the best features about Lincoln City hotels is their compliance with eco-friendly programs. Several local inns and hotels are certified by the city's Sea Star Program, which lists only those accommodations that engage in environmentally friendly practices to provide a healthier environment for travelers and employees. The Historic Anchor Inn is one such hotel that complies with the program, and it provides some of the finest Lincoln City lodging for travelers. Situated in the Taft district, the Historic Anchor Inn exudes an ambience of the early 1940s through its artistic galleries and antique shops. The comfortable rooms have a nice combination of historic items and modern amenities, including wireless internet access, complimentary DVDs, and popcorn. There's also a 1940s-style parlor which provides a great environment for socializing.

There are several other options for a comfortable Lincoln City lodging, including the well-known Sea Horse Oceanfront motel. It provides affordable units as well as vacation rental homes for those looking for an extended holiday. The rooms are equipped with free wireless internet, gas fireplaces, DVDs, kitchen units, and other amenities. The Coho Oceanfront lodge is another fine option for travelers seeking the luxuries of a boutique hotel. Besides the lovely panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, the refurbished rooms at the Coho offer excellent facilities, including wireless internet access, indoor jacuzzi and sauna, heated swimming pools, Wii game systems, and an excellent DVD library. The Coho Oceanfront Lodge might be pricier for those looking for a budget Lincoln City lodging option, but the modern amenities and facilities are well worth the extra expense for travelers seeking a more extravagant holiday.

Travelers looking for a bed and breakfast in Lincoln City will find the city's Baywood Shores an excellent place for a romantic retreat. The comfort and convenience provided by the Baywood Shores bed and breakfast in Lincoln City is unrivaled: Its spacious suites overlook the Siletz Bay at the southern end of the city, and in addition to the rooms' being well equipped with amenities, there is also a complimentary wine and cheese reception. This exceptional beachfront bed and breakfast in Lincoln City offers a plated brunch every morning and also provides an awesome setting for a nice cookout at their outdoor beachfront fire pit.

For those who have a special taste for oceanfront hotels, the Brey House Ocean View Bed and Breakfast Inn is an excellent option for a place to stay. Located on the Central Oregon Coast in Lincoln City, it has some of the finest room choices and the tastiest breakfast for travelers and vacationers, and the rooms are a good value for the money.

Spectacular ocean views and access to local attractions are two of the most important criteria when searching for a beach hotel in Lincoln city. Luckily, most Lincoln City hotels offer an array of oceanfront suites and vacation rentals, so finding a good one is relatively easy. The Beachfront Manor hotel is a fine example of a beach hotel that provides spectacular views of the beach, ocean, and the golden sunset, along with exceptional room service and facilities. It is one of the most affordable and environmentally friendly beach hotels in the city with excellent water-efficient toilets, energy-efficient gas fireplaces, and electrical equipments with an Energy Star label, ensuring that travelers can enjoy every minute of their vacation and know that they're being eco-conscious at the same time.

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