Multnomah Falls Trail Map

A Multnomah Falls trail map can come in handy for travelers who are planning on visiting Oregon’s most famous waterfall. Such maps are available at a stone lodge that can be found near the base of the falls. As for a map of the general region, it will show that you can find the famed waterfall approximately 30 miles east of Portland. A number of state parks also call the area home, and just north of the falls flows the Columbia River. To get to Multnomah Falls from Portland, travelers can hop on Interstate 84 heading east and then take the Multnomah Falls exit (Exit 31). This leads to a parking area near the falls where the rest of the journey is undertaken on foot.

After parking their cars, Multnomah Falls visitors can choose to embark on a few different hiking experiences. To familiarize themselves with the trails, it is best to pick up a Multnomah Falls trail map. As mentioned, such maps can be obtained at the stone lodge near the base of the falls. This lodge, it should be noted, dates back to 1925, and in addition to handing out maps, it is known to serve tempting ice cream cones. After getting their Multnomah Falls trail map, and perhaps an ice cream cone, visitors can walk to the left of the lodge and towards the falls in order to find a paved trail. This trail switchbacks a little up the side of a cliff and arrives at the stone bridge that spans the middle segment of the falls. Wonderful views can be enjoyed from the bridge, so it is a major attraction.

The trail that leads to the bridge at Multnomah Falls is approximately half a mile long. Many hikers simply trek up to the bridge and then turn back after savoring the views for a while. Others opt to continue on, crossing the bridge and hiking an additional half mile or so to a lookout point near the top of the falls. After taking in these views from the top, it is possible to turn back or continue on again, taking the Larch Mountain Trail up to the point where it meets the Wahkeena Trail. The Wahkeena Trail leads west for a while before turning north and heading back down to a parking area that is found along the highway.

Those who need to get from the end of the Wahkeena Trail back to the other parking area near the stone lodge can take a 0.8-mile trail that runs east through the woods parallel to the road. The Larch Mountain Trail and Wahkeena Trail loop is approximately five miles long and has some rather significant elevation gains, so it isn’t exactly the easiest hiking trail in Oregon. It is certainly rewarding, however, as there is plenty to see along the way. Several other waterfalls are found along the loop, for example, and they include the 242-foot, triple cascading Wahkeena Falls.

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