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Newport OR
Newport OR

Rich in exotic marine life and beautiful attractions, Newport Oregon is the county seat of Lincoln County. Located in the center of Oregon's scenic coastline, Newport City boasts top attractions such as the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, as well as easy access to the nearby town of Lincoln City. The coastal area is ideal for sport fishing and attracts hundreds of anglers who try their hand at catching everything from salmon to clams and crabs. Newport is also known as the Dungeness crab capital of the world, courtesy of its superb marine life. Travelers, marine enthusiasts, and anglers are sure to enjoy the marine tours, exhibitions, and presentations at the annual weekend Seafest event held at the Yaquina Bay area.

The Downtown Bay Boulevard showcases the best shopping and entertainment attractions in Newport Oregon. Its hotels, restaurants, gift shops, and the beautiful wax museum highlight the city's scenic setting, but the true adventure and entertainment hotspot has to be at the Newport Oregon beach. With an array of beachside activities such as surfing, beachcombing, and camping, the beaches are popular destinations among backpackers and families alike. There are beaches for both beginning and experienced surfers at the State Park and Agate beaches. In particular, Cobble Beach is unique because of its natural attractions and smooth round stones scattered throughout the beach area. Tourists looking for a Newport Oregon beach with historic importance can head to Nye Beach, which became the city's first resort in 1886, four years after Newport City was incorporated.

Travelers in search of wide stretches of sand will love South Beach State Park's awesome scenic beauty. Situated two miles south of Newport Oregon, State Park provides great opportunities for outdoor activities including camping, kite-flying, and building sand castles. There's also a gift shop and meeting hall for locals and travelers. Agate, a popular Newport Oregon beach for surfing, is located one mile north of Newport and can be reached by walking via a tunnel used by farmers many years ago. Travelers looking for camping opportunities can visit Beverly Beach, which also provides good kite flying and surfing opportunities. Located seven miles north of Newport City, Beverly Beach provides excellent views of the Yaquina Head and lighthouse.

Besides enjoying the beachside activities, travelers can visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium, which is one of the most popular attractions in the state, as well as the Yaquina lighthouse and Sea Lion Caves. The aquarium in Newport Oregon boasts some of the best exhibits for kids and adults, such as the Passages of the Deep marine show, which showcases the best deep-water marine animals including rockfish, manta rays, and sharks through its acrylic tunnels. A glimpse of awesome marine mammals such as sea otters, sea lions, and seals is also a popular option for entertainment at the aquarium in Newport Oregon. In addition to the larger marine animals, visitors can see tide pool exhibits focusing on jellyfish, starfish, sea anemones, and other smaller marine life.

Well-known as one of the top ten aquariums in the world, the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport Oregon made headlines in January 1996 for sheltering the ailing Keiko, a male orca who was featured in the popular Hollywood movie Free Willy. For two years, the Aquarium authorities spent $7 million on facilities to treat him and tried their best to return him to the wild; they also held a commemorative service in 2004, a year after Keiko's death. The Passages of the Deep exhibition is housed in a tank that was used to shelter Keiko. The historic importance and innovative exhibitions of the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport Oregon makes it one of the top aquariums and one of the best attractions to visit during a trip to the Oregon Coast. The Aviary at Aquarium is particularly well-known for displaying different species of sea birds including the common murre, tufted puffin, black oystercatcher, and rhinoceros auklet. Various other marine indoor exhibits display native fish and invertebrates from the Oregon Coast and the Yaquina Bay. Whether you're traveling to Oregon with children or on your own, this is sure to be one of the most memorable stops on your journey.

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