Oregon Camping

Oregon camping is one of the most popular ways to experience the state of Oregon. Oregon coast camping in particular is incredibly popular, and there plenty of Oregon campgrounds to choose from when planning your Oregon camping trip. Inland Oregon campgrounds are also available.

Oregon Coast camping is popular partly due to the fact that there are so many campsites all along the coast. Beginning in Astoria and winding down along the coast all the way until California, Oregon campgrounds abound. If you are interested in Oregon coast camping at state parks, you will have no trouble finding a place to camp. If you do want to camp at a state park, particularly along the coast, you will need to make reservation in advance, as things tend to fill up quite fast. Oregon campgrounds are open during the summer, but not during the winter.

Along with state campground, there are also a number of private Oregon camping grounds. Interestingly, camping in Oregon has taken on a whole new structure with some of the private campgrounds. Yurts have made an appearance as an alternative to camping in tents and are popular in Oregon where there tends to be so much rain on the coast. A yurt is a dome-shaped tent that has a plywood floor and electricity, as well as a bed. Campers can rent a yurt for between $25 and $70 a night, depending on where they camp.

Oregon camping in covered wagons and teepees is also gathering steam. The idea of the covered wagon is meant to compliment the theme of the nearby Oregon Trail, and history lovers will likely get a kick out of stretching out in a covered wagon just like the pioneers did. Camping in Oregon in teepees is also a possibility, which are generally shaped like tents but constructed of leather or some other sturdy material, and often held up by an arrangement of sticks through the center. Beds are not provided for teepee stays.

Though it might not be technically considered camping, log cabins, secluded and quiet are also available for camping with a little more comfort. A number of privately owned parks offer log cabins for rent. Most log cabins are quite basic, with a place for a fire and possible a simple bed. Some log cabins can be quite luxurious, depending on where you stay. Log cabins are usually found in the woods or up in the mountains rather than near the beach.

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