Oregon Coast

A trip to the Oregon Coast can mean many things. The Oregon Coast line, which stretches for almost 400 miles, is a place for hiking, biking, relaxing and so much more. Visitors can enjoy fishing along the coast, as well, and the number of Bed and Breakfasts along the Oregon Coast is unrivaled anywhere else in the world. Maybe it is the misty spray of the ocean mixing with the drizzle of rain that often falls on the coast; maybe it is the high number of wildlife that roam through the coast rainforest and along the beach; or maybe it is the calm, peaceful feeling that visitors have when the visit, but the Oregon Coast is unique among beach experiences. Though it is usually too cold to swim, an Oregon Coast vacation is a major favorite for thousands of visitors year after year.

Newport OR
Newport OR

Oregon Coast travel is often peppered with views of wildlife. Sea lions, sea otters, birds, starfish and so much more can all be seen living wild along the coast. In Newport, the Oregon Aquarium brings sea life right up close. The Oregon Aquarium is considered to be the best aquarium of its kind in the United States, and remains a favorite attraction among children and adults. For any travelers really hoping to see sea lion on their Oregon Coast vacation, the Sea Lion Caves near Newport are one of the best locations for doing just that.

Along with the great outdoor activities travelers can enjoy along the coast, there are some excellent urban adventures as well. Cannon Beach is one of the coast's gems and the place where travelers will find the famous Haystack Rock. The town of Cannon Beach has a relaxed feel, with a small downtown theater showing plays on the weekends, a tiny community library and a few small but excellent cafes and restaurants. Ecola State Park is another favorite place to visit in Cannon Beach and offers excellent views for photos. Near Cannon Beach is the world famous Tillamook Cheese Factory, where all of that delicious cheese is processed. Not only can you watch the cheese makers at their work, but you'll be able to sample ice cream and other dairy treats throughout your tour of the factory.

The town of Astoria is another favorite among travelers. Located on the water near the meeting of the ocean and the Columbia River, Astoria has not only been the seaside setting for various films, but is a truly unique traveler experience. Here, travelers can take pictures at Fort Stevens State Park or check out the Astoria Column, a 125 foot tower which can be climbed via a long set of stairs. Once at the top, travelers will have views of the surrounding ocean, the Columbia River, and tower of Astoria down below.

Camping is another excellent way to enjoy your Oregon Coast travel. The number of private and state owned campsites along the Oregon Coast is staggering, and visitors could easily fill an entire summer traveling along the coast and camping. If you just want to visit for a night or two, you might also try out one of the many Bed and Breakfasts found along the Oregon Coast. The state of Oregon has more Bed and Breakfast hotels than almost any other in the United States, and an entire guild is dedicated to helping tourists find the perfect Bed and Breakfast.

If you do plan to visit multiple state parks during your Oregon Coast vacation, you might consider purchasing an Oregon Coast Passport. Since most of the Oregon Coast State Parks now charge a fee for entrance, they will also sell you a pass that grants access to multiple parks. The pass is good for five full days and can be purchased anywhere a day pass can be purchased, which is generally at the state parks during the day. No matter how you choose to spend your time; in a yurt camping on the beach or tucked away in a beach vacation rental, the Oregon Coast is never wanting for things to do.



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