Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is located on the Oregon coast in Newport, Oregon. The Newport Aquarium is considered to be the foremost coastal aquarium in the world, and features a creative mix of aquatic life in unique displays. As one of the world's largest and most prominent aquariums, this is also one of the most popular attractions to the coast in Newport. As such, lines tend to be long on weekends and during the summer, so plan ahead if you plan to visit during these times.

There are a number of great exhibits at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. This aquarium Oregon was once known throughout the world as the home of Keiko, the Killer Whale who made his film debut in the movie, Free Willy. Although Keiko was moved to the waters of Iceland in 1998, his empty tank did not remain empty for long. The most interesting shark attraction at the Oregon Coast Aquarium is now housed here, with a 200-foot-long acrylic walkway that leads visitors through a maze of underwater tanks. Sharks, rockfish and a few types of stingrays are kept in the tanks, known as the "Passages of the Deep".

Another of the most beloved Newport Aquarium creatures is the group of sea otters. Thanks to their high energy and playful nature, the sea otters a big hit among children and families. Though not as energetic, the sea lions living nearby also draw plenty of visitors. The Newport Aquarium is also home to a giant octopus, the only octopus of its kind to be found as part of Oregon coast travel. The octopus has an arm length of almost twenty feet and often provides a shocking view to museum-goers.

Oregon coast travel to the Newport Aquarium also showcases even more indoor aquariums. Sea anemone tanks in the Tide pool exhibit show off the local sea life surrounding the aquarium Oregon. A touching pool with anemones and starfish is also located near the Tide pool exhibit. An outdoor bird aviary is also found at this aquarium Oregon, with a focus on birds that live near the sea.

Most folks making their way down the Oregon coast for a vacation will want to add the Oregon Coast Aquarium to their Oregon coast travel itinerary. The museum is open from 9am until 6pm from Memorial Day to Labor day, seven days a week, and from 10am until 5pm between Labor Day and Memorial Day. The museum is open all year long, but closed on Christmas Day. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is known for its long lines.

On the weekends in particular, or any holiday where children might be out of school, the lines for the aquarium can literally be hours long. To avoid such an extensive line, try either getting to the aquarium before 9 am to be the first person in line, or try visiting the aquarium on a weekday. If you are on vacation, hopefully you will have some time to visit the attraction while most of the town is at work or in school. The aquarium has its own parking lot, which is free to aquarium visitors.



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