Oregon Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities that travelers can enjoy in the state. Oregon fly fishing, Oregon salmon fishing and salt water fishing Oregon are all great option for Oregon fishing. Crater Lake, Bend, Sunriver, and many different towns and cities along the coast are all ideal places for fishing in Oregon.

If you do plan to enjoy some Oregon fishing of any kind, you will first need to secure a fishing license for the state of Oregon. Though you do not have to be an Oregon state resident to enjoy Oregon fishing, you will need to purchase a license. Fees vary from year to year, but your license will be good for one full year. A fishing license covers the many varieties of salmon, as well as steelhead, sturgeon, rainbow trout and wild cutthroat. To get a license, bring photo ID to the parks station in any town throughout Oregon.

A fishing license does not, however, cover shellfish. To catch lobster, clams or any kind of shellfish, you will need a separate shellfish permit. Your shellfish permits can be obtained from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. The requirements for getting a shellfish permit are the same as for getting a fishing license. Be aware that shellfish regulations regarding how many and which kinds of shellfish can be caught vary from year to year, depending on the activity and availability of the shellfish. You will be able to gather the most current information when getting your permit.

Oregon fly fishing is one type of popular way to fish. The Deschutes River in particular is a great place for Oregon fly fishing and Oregon salmon fishing. The Deschutes River flows through downtown Bend and beyond, and there are good fishing holes downstream and upstream from Bend. There are some lakes near the main river that are good for fly-fishing, but are catch-and-release only. These include Hosmer Lake and the Crane Prairie Reservoir.

Another excellent location for Oregon salmon fishing is the Crater Lake National Park. The lake itself is not ideal, but there are some off-streams from the lake itself that offer good fishing. While you are there, you can stay in some of the excellent Crater Lake hotels, camp, or take a tour of the fascinating Crater Lake Park.

Salt water fishing Oregon in the ocean is best tackled with the help of a guide or salt water fishing Oregon expert. A number of companies offer tours out into the water from the beach, and there are even some companies that offer cookouts in the evening after a day of fish, where anglers can grill their catches over a fire on the beach. Many anglers combine an ocean fishing trip with a chance to dig clams or catch other shellfish in the ocean. When taken at the right time, which tends to be the summer, a bounty of fish and shellfish can be found in the waters off of the Oregon coast.

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