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From its stunning Pacific Coast beaches, to its wide-open eastern deserts, Oregon is a dream for those who love outdoor pursuits. But, in the state's urban centers, great attractions also exist. Oregon, known for its liberal inhabitants and it's breathtaking landscape, is a state that will certainly impress you. You can find a little bit of everything here, and if you travel far enough, you will sometimes wonder if you are still in the same state. Wherever you choose to go in the nation's 10th largest state, you can be sure that there will be some good choices for Oregon hotels nearby. As a popular vacation destination, for its locals as much as out-of-staters, the Oregon hotels are many, and they generally provide a well varied selection. When looking for accommodations in Oregon, you can choose from mountain resorts, wilderness lodges, 5-star hotels, bed and breakfasts, charming inns and a slew of budget Oregon hotels.

Many people who plan an Oregon vacation decide to arrive in the state's largest city of Portland. There is good reason for this. Portland is a dynamic northwest city, offering so many attractions, you could easily spend a full two weeks here, or more. Oregon has skyscrapers and some hustle and bustle, but among its more unique characteristics is its inner-city forested park. A culturally-rich city that respects the arts, Portland boasts some interesting museums, including the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Portland Art Museum. You can compliment your Portland city adventures with trips to the nearby Willamette Valley to go wine tasting, or head east to the Mt. Hood ski area. Both boast some great resorts, but if you want to stay in town, the hotels in Portland OR offer a great variety. The hotels in Portland OR have something for every budget, even if you are looking for Oregon budget hotels. Downtown is where you will find the bulk of upscale choices, and if you are on a weekend getaway, perhaps a bed and breakfast will do. There are also a nice array of low-to-mid chain hotels in Portland OR, offering comfortable rooms at a good price. For a bit of a different experience, you might consider staying at one of the nearby Beaverton hotels. Beaverton is under 10 miles from Portland, and with its more rural feel, it may be more appropriate for some traveler's tastes.

About 50 miles south of Portland and Beaverton is the state capital of Salem, which is a great capital city. There seems no end to the Salem attractions, especially when you consider that the heart of Oregon wine country is so close by. An attraction the whole family can enjoy in Salem is the A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village, and if you like unique State Capitol buildings, you'll want to check out Salem's. Much like the other cities in this quarter of the state, Salem enjoys relative proximity to the Cascade Mountains and the Oregon coast. The Salem OR hotels you might first consider are those found downtown, so that you can be close to the historic district and Bush's Pasture Park. The Salem OR hotels allow you to pick from Oregon budget hotels, to exquisite Victorian settings on the Willamette River. You can often find discount Oregon lodging at the various Salem OR hotels by booking a package deal, and if you want a change of pace, try staying in a nice bed and breakfast in the Oregon Wine Country. There are two cities that lie south of Salem that are also worthy of a visit if you want to be close to the vineyards. The city of Eugene, which is found just over 60 miles south of Salem, is home to the University of Oregon, and it's natural setting is just part of its overall draw. For a taste of the local brews, you might consider visiting some of the local Eugene brewpubs, which number almost as much as those in Portland. For some neat museums, you might consider the University of Oregon Museum of Art, or the Oregon Air and Space Museum. The hotels in Eugene Oregon are a mix of a few luxury downtown hotels, some chain options for discount Oregon lodging, and a few nice bed and breakfasts.

Down near the California border, you might check out the hotels in Ashland, especially if you are here for the renowned Shakespeare Festival. Ashland is considered to be a very liberal city, and it is where the University of Southern Oregon is found. Among the more traditional Ashland hotels are a good number of bed and breakfasts. For budget Oregon hotels in the city of Ashland, consider staying a bit away from downtown. If you want to head west to explore the coast, the Oregon Coast hotels will present you with a lot of different options, from resorts and bed and breakfasts, to chain hotels and budget inns. If you choose to head east, however, you might try to spend a few days in the growing city of Bend. Bend is close to Mt. Bachelor, where you can find some excellent Oregon skiing. If you are heading this way to ski and looking at Bend hotels, you might consider staying out at one of the numerous properties in Mt. Bachelor Village instead. If you want to explore Bend, which is always a good recommendation, just be careful if you don't want to end up staying forever. There are numerous natural sights to see around Bend, including Smith Rock State Park, and the 97-foot Tumalo Falls in the Deschutes National Forest. The options for Bend hotels are among the best in the state, with options for bed and breakfasts, nearby resorts, downtown hotels, and options for discount Oregon lodging. Be sure to look for vacation package deals when booking your room at one of the Bend hotels or resorts, and if you want extra flexibility and space, you might consider a Bend vacation rental.

While many people do not head to eastern Oregon for vacation, it is still very much worth exploring, and its contrast from the western part of the state is perplexing. For a neat city to check out in eastern Oregon, you might try La Grande. You can do a lot of stuff in La Grande that you can due back west, like hike, ski, and just gaze at the Wallowa Mountains and the Blue Mountains. Just west of La Grande are the Lehman Hot Springs, and for exciting shopping, nice restaurants, and some hip cafes, head to the downtown shopping district, which is just a short walk from the Eastern Oregon State University campus. You can find a lot of excellent deals on La Grande Oregon hotels, making the city a great place to find discount Oregon lodging. When in southern Oregon, you might not want to miss Crater Lake National Park, where you can find a nice selection of Crater Lake hotels, including resorts and lodges.

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