Oregon Rafting

Oregon rafting is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors in the Northwest. Tour companies specialize in everything from white water rafting to relaxing floating tours for families. From April through October, Oregon river rafting is a popular activity for visitors. This type of trip can be as relaxing or adventurous as you desire. A wide range of options include a short half-day tour, a full one-day tour, or even a three- or four-day excursion into Oregon’s beautiful wilderness for a serious introduction to this state’s wild rivers.

When researching Oregon rafting, you will have many rivers and tour companies to choose between. Some names that will pop up during your search are the Deschutes River, the Rogue River, the Grande Ronde River, the McKenzie River, and more. These excursions are not only exciting Oregon white water rafting tours, but also expose visitors to the incredible natural landscapes of Oregon. Many guests report how relaxing and rejuvenating it is to escape the city and spend some time on the soothing rivers.

Oregon river rafting is also a way to get to know the locals. Many of the tour companies are owned and operated by local people with a love of rafting. Oregon River Experiences for example has been bringing guests on white water tours since 1978 and is individually operated. If you want to support local businesses during your trip, rafting is one way to do so. Choosing a river might night not as easy as choosing a tour company. In some instances, location will choose a river for you. For example if you’re planning a day trip from Portland, the Deschutes River is very close by. In the southwest of the state, the Rogue River is your best option.

Other factors can also help you narrow down your choices for Oregon rafting. If you’re visiting Oregon in the summer, you might want to choose a tour with a good splash factor. If you’re looking for a challenge, the rapids on the Rogue River tend to be some of the biggest in the state, but you won’t get nearly as wet as on a tour of the Deschutes. Rapids are rated on a class system from I through VI, which I being the easiest and VI the most difficult. Oregon white water rafting has options for rapids all through the spectrum; some routes are more challenging than others, and choosing your rapid level is one way know what you’re getting yourself into!

Individuals, families, and groups can all enjoy Oregon river rafting. A variety of boat styles are available, including paddle rafts, guided oar rafts, and even inflatable kayaks. While prices and availability of tours varies widely, expect to pay approximately $60 for a half day tour or $80 for a full day tour. Prices vary depending on the tour operator and time of year, and discounts are often available for kids. In general, guides do the rowing allowing guests to enjoy the scenery and the thrilling ride. If you want to get more involved in the rafting experience, look for this type of tour. In Oregon, you will find the biggest waves in the spring and the warmest water in the summer. In addition to all the great hiking and mountain biking available in Oregon, try taking your adventurous vacation a step further with rafting.

Image: Northwest Rafting Company (flickr)
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