Oregon Vacation Rental

Families, groups and couples often take advantage of Oregon Coast vacation rentals for their trip to the Oregon Coast. There are also some great vacation rentals in Oregon found in areas like Sunriver or the Black Butte Ranch. One of the best aspects of an Oregon vacation rental is the spaciousness, and the chance for groups to save a bit of money by splitting the cost of a rental home.

Oregon Coast vacation rentals can be located all along the coast line. The north and central coasts offer great options for Oregon vacation rentals. Cannon Beach and Lincoln City are popular places in particular for vacation home rentals. Things to do in the area include trips to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, where you can see how all of that delicious cheese, ice cream and more is made each day in Oregon. Free samples and a huge viewing window of the cheese producing factory can be enjoyed.

In addition to the many things to do on the coast, Oregon coast vacation rentals give visitors the chance to hang out on the beach and even do some of their own cooking. Vacation rental homes have kitchens equipped for cooking; all you have to do is bring along your own food. Many Oregon vacation rentals also come with fun additions, like kites for the beach or maps to the best restaurants or blackberry bushes for picking in the area.

If you plan to head further south to Sunriver or the Bend area, there are also some excellent options. Vacation rentals in Oregon in Sunriver are often either condos or houses. A few communities even exist where families have purchased vacation homes, and rent them out to guests. Sunriver is full of golfing in summer and close to skiing in the winter, and remains a popular place to visit all year long.

Another great option in southern Oregon is Black Butte Ranch. This is quickly becoming yet another popular Oregon destination, and a number of vacation rental communities have sprung up in recent years. Horse back riding, rafting, kayaking, hiking and more can be enjoyed here, as can golf and swimming.

Vacation rentals can be suitable for just two people or can often accommodate up to 15 or more guests. Often vacation rentals feature Jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces, and will usually have all of the amenities you are likely used to at home, as well as additional luxuries. To book your Oregon vacation rental, the most efficient way is to go online. Not only are there specific websites decicated to pooling vacation rental resources, but you will often have the chance to compare prices and locations. Before booking, however, it is always a good idea to call the property of your choice before booking. Be sure that your chosen rental property covers renter's insurance. Most companies have their own, but if they do not you would be liable for fires or unexpected damages.

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