Portland Breweries

Portland breweries are abundant in number. In fact, there are more than 50 in-city breweries here. That number goes up to 71 if you include all the breweries in the entire Portland metro area. Throw in the nearby Willamette Valley, which is renowned for its wine, and you have one of the best places on the planet for drinking. The local micro breweries have beer aficionados covered with the range of high-quality brews that they have to offer. Whether you prefer IPAs (India Pale Ale), a darker stout, or a lighter lager or wheat beer, you'll have little trouble finding a good one at the Portland breweries. The array of specialty beers is mind blowing, and chances are good that you will find your new favorite beer while in town. Or at least have a good time trying!

Portland Oregon brewery tours have become wildly popular in recent years, as more and more beer drinkers are becoming aware of how great a beer city Portland is. On these tours, visitors will have the chance to visit some of the best breweries around, such as the Widmer Brothers Brewing Company. This brewery has been in business since 1984 and is among the oldest and largest in town. If you like wheat beer, this might be the king of all Portland breweries, since it is mostly known for its superb German-style Hefeweizen. Another renowned brewery in town that you are likely to visit on Portland Oregon brewery tours is the BridgePort Brewing Company, which can be found in the trendy Pearl District. This brewery was also started in 1984 and labels itself as Oregon's oldest craft brewery. Another surefire way to sample the local brews and culture is to check out the closest McMenamins establishment. There are several around town, some offering movie theaters combined with their pubs, restaurants and bars.

Portland Breweries
Portland Breweries

Should you be interested in Portland Oregon brewery tours, you can enjoy both guided and unguided ones. You might also interest yourself in a Portland beer festival when planning your trip to the city. On the guided Portland Oregon brewery tours, you will often get on a bus and visit at least three different establishments. On the other hand, you might rely on your own two feet or a taxi to get around on brewery tours of the unguided variety. As for the Portland beer festivals, they include the Portland Brewfest, or Oregon Brewer's Festival as it is also known, the Portland International Beerfest, and the Holiday Ale Festival. Both the Brewfest and the International Beerfest take place in July, while the Holiday Ale Festival is held in December.

You don't have to attend a Portland beer festival or take a brewery tour if you want to enjoy some good beer while in town. At any point during your visit, you can duck into a bar and grab a quick beer, and if the bar is any good, it will have plenty of the local products available. For those who enjoy wine as well as beer, the city also hosts some good wine festivals, and food fanatics aren't left out of the picture thanks to events such as Bite of Oregon. The beer, the wine and the food are all good in Portland, and this is just part of the reason why a trip to Oregon's largest city can be so rewarding.

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