Portland Breweries Tour

A Portland breweries tour is something that many Portland visitors have in mind. There is good reason for this. Portland is one of the country’s beer capitals, claiming more than 50 in-city breweries. That number goes up to 71 if you include all the breweries in the entire Portland metro area. In particular, the city is well known for its microbreweries. Lending to the innovative brews that these microbreweries create is a regional abundance of ingredients, the likes of which include two-row barley and more than a dozen varieties of hops. Add in the pure water from the Bull Run Watershed, and you have an excellent platform from which to mix some crafty brews.

Brewcycle Tour
Brewcycle Tour

Portland brewery tours can be arranged on your own or with the help of a local tour company, and there is no shortage of interesting options. Most, if not all, of the organized tours that are offered by local tour operations visit more than one brewery, giving you the chance to sample a wider variety of products. If you are up for something truly unique, try the Brewcycle tour. On these tours, you and your friends power a rather curious contraption from brewery to brewery. The contraption is basically a bar on wheels that is equipped with multiple seats and peddles, so you get a little exercise as you go. All Brewcycle tour rides start at 1425 NW Flanders Street, and as you might expect, riders must be 21 or older. If a workout isn’t exactly what you have in mind for your Portland Brewery tours, you can always opt to enjoy a bus tour instead. Local companies offer both public and private bus tours. Other options include the Portland brewery tours that employ the city’s light rail and trolley system for getting from site to site.

Lucky Labrador Brewery
Lucky Labrador Brewery

Portland has more breweries than any other city in the world. This sets up well for Portland brewery tours. Any number of local breweries merit a visit on such tours, including McMenamins. One of the country’s largest craft breweries, McMenamins owns and operates numerous brewpubs, microbreweries, theater pubs, historic hotels, and music venues throughout the Portland metropolitan area. The company also has locations in Oregon and Washington. Among the places to go in Portland if you want to sample some McMenamins beer is the Chapel Pub, which can be found at 430 N. Killingsworth Street. The main floor of this renovated venue is a family-friendly pub. The second floor is the McMenamins’ company headquarters.

Rogue Ales Brewery
Rogue Ales Brewery

Widmere Brothers and the Deschutes Brewery are two other companies that are worth keeping in mind when planning Portland brewery tours. Part of the Craft Brew Alliance, Inc., Widmere Brothers is the ninth-largest brewing company in the US. Its downtown area brewery is state-of-the-art, and you can learn about its various functions on a free brewery tour. Reservations are required for these tours. As for the Deschutes Brewery, it might be based in the city of Bend, but it also has a strong association with Portland. This is largely explained by the existence of the Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House. At this popular brew pub in downtown Portland, guests can try the company’s mainstay beers and sample seasonal and experimental beers that are developed and brewed on site. As is common among the Portland breweries, the Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House also serves food and offers guided tours. Groups of eight or more can arrange private tours.

Bridgeport Brewery
Bridgeport Brewery

Need some more ideas for Portland brewery tours? The list of options is a long one. Try heading over to the Bridgeport Brewery’s brew pub on Marshall Street to try the company’s award-winning IPA, or duck into one of the four different Portland brew pubs that are owned and operated by the Lucky Labrador Brewing Company. Don’t forget the new Lompoc Tavern at 1620 NW 23rd Avenue or the various venues around town that are operated by Rogue Ales. One of the Rogue Ales pubs is located at the Portland Airport, while another can be found in the heart of the Portland State University campus. The third Rogue Ales outlet in Portland is found in the Pearl District, which is also known as the city’s Historic Brewing District.

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