Portland Oregon Restaurants

Portland Oregon restaurants have been making a splash on the Pacific Northwest dining scene in recent years. This has a lot to do with an increase in talented chefs who rely heavily on local produce. Turning to local food providers for produce is all the range in the food world, and for good reason. It's hard to beat the freshness of something that essentially comes right out of your back yard, but additionally local produce reduces the environmental impact of shipping food long distances. Portland is one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the nation. Adding extra substance to the overall scheme of things when it comes to dining in Portland is the fact that the nearby Willamette Valley produces some of the best wine in the entire world. If beer is your thing, Portland is also known for its breweries, so finding something good to drink on the adult side of things is a breeze.

Many of the best Portland restaurants can be found right downtown, although more and more are popping up in other trendy neighborhoods outside of the city center. As such, getting some restaurant tips from a local or from your hotel's concierge can be a good idea. As for the Downtown Portland Oregon restaurants, many are situated in and around Pioneer Courthouse Square, as is true of the bulk of the downtown shopping centers and stores. Whether you are in the mood for American cuisine, Asian fare, some French food, or anything else for that matter, the downtown area is a good place to start. As you might imagine in a city this close to the coast, fresh seafood is on offer at many of the area restaurants, with some of the downtown eateries specializing in it.

Complementing the downtown Portland Oregon restaurants are a healthy collection of cafes where you can sip on a rich cup of coffee and grab a bagel or something the like. Don't miss Voodoo Doughnuts if you have a sweet tooth and want something unique to go with your coffee, and when a really good pastry is what you are after, there are at least a handful of excellent pastry shops in and around the downtown core that offer some delectable treats. When it's especially warm outside, a frozen desert might be more preferable to a pastry. Italian-style gelato have become popular in the Rose City in recent years.

Due north of the Downtown District, some of the other best Portland restaurants can be found. The Pearl District, which begins where the northern edge of the downtown area ends, features some of the most upscale eateries in the land. A little farther to the northwest of the downtown core, the Nob Hill neighborhood also offers up some of the best Portland restaurants, especially if you are looking for a unique place to have breakfast or a cute eatery that is not a chain restaurant.

Dining in Portland is a true delight, and for those who are interested in enjoying a culinary tour of sorts while in town, seeing what the ethnic food carts in the downtown area have to offer is worth considering. If you like pizza, you can always get a simple pie with cheese or pepperoni, or you might opt instead for a designer pizza, and sushi fans certainly won't want for options while in town.

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