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Portland fishing is excellent, as the city lies at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers, and these renowned channels of water could satisfy days of fishing on end all by themselves. The stretch of the Willamette River that comprises the Portland Harbor extends from Sauvie Island to the Fremont Bridge. Other area rivers and tributaries, such as the Clackamas River, provide even more angling options in the Portland area. It is only about an hour to the coast should you want to troll the open seas or look into deep sea fishing or crabbing opportunities. Many Portland fishing charters offer trips out to Tillamook Bay, which is one of the best places to fish along the northwest Oregon coast.

Willamette River fishing in Portland Oregon is very popular, with giant white sturgeon figuring among the most common catches of the day. White sturgeon can weigh hundreds of pounds and take a while to corral, in which case fishing for them can turn into quite the workout. The fights can last upwards of 30 minutes on occasion!

Another popular area fish is the sturgeon. Should sturgeon fishing be your main priority when visiting Portland, however, casting your lines in the Columbia River is recommended as well. Sturgeon can be caught year round if are interested in doing some Columbia and Willamette River fishing in Portland. This makes deciding when to go to Portland relatively easy for angling enthusiasts.

Part of the Willamette River, more specifically the stretch of the lower Willamette at Portland Harbor, has high toxicity levels. As such, those who are engaging in Portland Oregon Harbor fishing aren't advised to eat what they catch, unless it is a fish that is more likely to be passing through. Salmon, sturgeon, and steelhead are among the catches that are safe to eat when it comes to Portland Oregon Harbor fishing.

In addition to snagging some salmon, steelhead, or sturgeon while doing some Portland Oregon Harbor fishing, you are also likely to catch some carp, bass, or catfish. Since the carp, bass, and catfish are bottom-dwellers that tend to stay in the same general area, they are most often tossed back into the water at the Portland Harbor.

Many anglers who engage in Willamette River fishing in Portland fish below the falls at the nearby cities of Oregon City and Milwaukee. In addition to offering up plenty of sturgeon, the Willamette River also yields healthy numbers of shad, walleye, and smallmouth bass. As for the Columbia River, it offers no shortage of good fishing spots itself, with the Bonneville Dam area being one of the best places to cast your lines. This dam can be found about 40 miles east of Portland, and if you are interested, tours of it can be enjoyed when you're not fishing. You might also check out the fish ladders, fish windows, and fish hatchery at the dam. The same kind of fish that you can catch in the Willamette River can be caught in the Columbia.

Should your Portland fishing adventure take you to the coast, you are likely to fish at Astoria or Tillamook Bay. The bay is directly west of Portland, while Astoria can be found in the northwest part of the state where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. Chinook salmon are common catches along the coast from March to November, while August and early September are the best times to catch coho.

In addition to heading out to the coast on a Portland fishing trip, you might also venture east to the mountains or visit one of the area state parks or reservoirs, as they also offer excellent fishing opportunities. When you're not fishing on your Portland escape, there will be tons of other options for fun things to do, from shopping to checking out Powell's Books to hitting the city's excellent museums.

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