Portland Oregon Hotels

Portland Oregon hotels offer something for every budget and every kind of vacation. Hotels in Portland Oregon can include small bed and breakfasts, chain hotels, upscale downtown Portland Hotels, or anything in between. Sightseers hoping to be close to downtown attractions such as the Portland Art Museum or the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry should have no trouble finding Portland Oregon hotels to meet their needs.

The Irvington neighborhood is a popular place for out of town guests to find a great downtown Portland hotel. This region of downtown is replete with nice hotels and a high number of bed and breakfast establishments, most of which are old mansions turned into commercial hotels. For guests who want to be close to the Portland Saturday market and other downtown shopping, restaurants and attractions, Irvington is a great choice. Prices in general will be higher for a downtown Portland hotel, particularly in Irvington, as this is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Portland. If you are looking specifically for a bed and breakfast, the state of Oregon actually has an entire guild devoted to bed and breakfasts, so you can always check there for more specific information about bed and breakfasts in Portland and along the coast.

For a good deal on discounted Portland Oregon hotels, you might also try booking a hotel near the Portland Airport. Though you will be required to drive a bit to get to downtown, the Portland hotels on the outskirts of town will be a bit cheaper. Some guests even choose to stay in nearby Beaverton, where rates on nice hotels are also lower. Note that although rates will be cheaper, Portland Oregon hotels near the airport are almost all chain hotels, so you won't be likely to find any historic hotels or smaller establishments.

If history is on your mind, you might try a stay at the McMenamins Kennedy School Hotel. This is one of the more unique hotels in Portland Oregon, as it was once the site of an elementary school. Though there are no more school children wandering the halls, the building has been turned into a campus that incorporates the feel of an old elementary school (you will still some original blackboards here and there) into the luxury of a multi-building hotel. A soaking pool, four separate bars with distinct themes and locally brewed beer, massage services and uniquely appointed rooms make this one of the more interesting places to stay in Portland. Live music on the weekends is a local favorite at this Portland hotel.

There is also a nice array of hotels in Portland Oregon located on the shores of the Columbia River. These hotels usually offer views of the river which reflect the lights of the city; a nice view for business travelers and fun-seekers alike. Hotels on the river tend to be downtown, and tend to be a bit on the pricier side. That being said, these downtown hotels are also close to Portland public transportation, much of which is either free or quite inexpensive, so you might be able to save a bit by taking advantage of downtown shopping and other activities.

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