Rose Garden

The Portland Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon, is one of the oldest continually running rose test gardens in the United States and throughout the world. As a rose test garden, the Rose Garden Portland Oregon receives hundreds of roses each year for testing to determine their resistance to disease, their color, and many other specific rose attributes. Thanks to the Portland Rose Garden and the ubiquitous nature of roses throughout the city, Portland is known as the "City of Roses" and is the host of a yearly Rose Festival and parade. The garden features over 7,000 plants every year, representing over 500 varieties of roses and botanicals.

The Rose Garden Portland Oregon features multiple gardens with many kinds of flowers, though of course roses are the most prominent. The Royal Rosarian Garden is full of roses meant to honor goodwill ambassadors and greeters from the yearly Rose Festival and parade. A rose variety is dedicated to each new ambassador and showcased in the Royal Rosarian Garden. The Miniature Rose Garden in the Portland Rose Garden tests miniature roses, while the Gold Medal Garden is home to roses which have won awards and is a popular place for wedding ceremonies. The Shakespeare Garden is where rose lovers will find a collection of flowers and plants mentioned in the literary works of William Shakespeare.

In addition to all of the rose garden sections at the Rose Garden Portland Oregon, there is also a Rose Garden Arena Portland. The Rose Garden Arena Portland is an amphitheater where many guests give performances to Portland crowds all throughout the year. The Rose Garden Arena Portland hosts plays and classical music concerts throughout the calendar year.

When the roses are in bloom, which is generally between April and June, the park area comes to life with more than just the color of the flowers. Picnickers, rose-lovers and community members from all walks of life come to the rose garden to read, relax and stroll. Near the amphitheater, the Queens Walk sees plenty of traffic. The brick walkway is flanked by flowers and has a row of bronze stars, one for each Rose Festival Queen since the beginning of the festival in 1907.

In addition to all of the flowers, a Rose Garden Store is open on the garden grounds. Hopeful gardeners can buy garden wares and seeds, as well as gather information about growing their own roses. Art work can also be found in the garden. A reflection pool, multiple fountains and various sculptures can all be seen in the Portland Rose Garden. All of the different gardens within the Rose Garden Portland Oregon are kept manicured with impeccable attention to detail, and a tour of the rose garden can be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Portland. The Portland Art Museum, Portland Saturday Market and the Portland Zoo are also found in the city of Portland, as is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

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