Skiing near Portland Oregon

Skiing near Portland Oregon is something that locals and visitors alike can do at any time of year, provided that the conditions are favorable. Mount Hood, which is the tallest point in all of Oregon at 11,239 feet above sea level, stays cool up top and is covered by glaciers at all times. You can see it looming in the near distance from Portland proper, and one of the resorts that can be found in its wilderness area stays open throughout the year. That's right, you can enjoy a Portland ski vacation in the summer if you please!

As for the skiing conditions in general, the ski resorts near Portland experience unpredictable winter weather, so things aren't always ideal even during the cooler months. In the spring and fall, storms are known to blanket the slopes on occasion, so when it all comes down to it, it's hard to say which season is best when trying to decide when to go skiing near Portland Oregon. Due to this fact, Oregon is not the most renowned skiing destination in the West, but still can offer a great ski vacation if you time your visit right.

The state of Oregon boasts plenty of tall mountains. One of the best ski resorts near Portland is the Mt. Hood Ski Bowl Area, which is hailed as the most accessible ski resort in the state. All that separates this ski area from the Rose City are 52 scenic miles, and if you can't manage to make it out for some day skiing, you can always hit the slopes at night. The Mt. Hood Ski Bowl Area is the largest night skiing destination in the country.

One of the other more popular ski resorts near Portland is the Timberline Ski Area and Lodge. This unique resort is the only ski area on the North American continent that is open year round. In the summer, many skiers and snowboarders from the world over come to Timberline to train, with the renowned summer racing events getting their start back in the 1950s. The Timberline Ski Area actually started out as a lodge, and you might be interested to know that this lodge is now a National Historic Landmark.

An architectural gem, the Timberline Lodge sits at an elevation of almost 6,000 feet and attracts more than 1 million visitors on an annual basis. Part of the reason why it is such a popular Portland area attraction is the fact that its exterior served as the exterior of the Overlook Hotel in the famous movie, The Shining. While it isn't exactly luxurious, the Timberline Lodge is the only ski-in and ski-out resort in Oregon. Many guests appreciate its relatively spartan appeal, as well as its historic nature.

When looking to go skiing near Portland Oregon, two other Mt. Hood Wilderness Area resorts that are worth keeping on the radar include Mount Hood Meadows and the Cooper Spur Ski Area. Mount Hood Meadows is the largest ski resort in the Mt. Hood vicinity, and while it lacks its own lodging options, there are hotels and motels close by that provide shuttle service. As for the Cooper Spur Ski Area, its location on the northeast side of lofty Mt. Hood means that while the snow isn't as plentiful, it tends to be of a drier nature. This usually translates to some good powder conditions when the white stuff is falling. The Cooper Spur Ski Area is among the most family-friendly Portland ski vacation destinations. It sees a relatively small number of visitors and parents can conveniently watch their kids from the day lodge if they aren't taking to the slopes themselves.

Rounding out the options for places to go skiing in the Mt. Hood Wilderness Area is the Summit Ski Area. Established back in 1927, this small resort is the oldest in the state. While it doesn't offer the best skiing near Portland Oregon, its rates are very low. In other words, it's an ideal place to learn or to enjoy a few turns when you're not enjoying all the great attractions in Portland.

These resorts aren't the only options when it comes to hitting the slopes on a Portland ski vacation. Those who are willing to travel a little will find some other good skiing destinations near some of Oregon's other larger cities. East of the capital city of Salem lies the Hoodoo Ski Area, and down near Eugene, the Willamette Pass Resort can be a fun place to visit. As for the state's largest and best all around ski resort, that would be the Mount Bachelor Ski Resort, which is found near the inviting city of Bend. Salem is just 47 miles from Portland, while Eugene is 109 miles away. As for Bend, it is 161 miles from Portland.

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