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Portland spas stand poised to deliver soothing treatments to those who are in need of some rejuvenation. The best Portland day spas can be found in and around the downtown area, but you don't have to limit yourself to the city proper when weighing your options. In addition to the hotels with spas in Portland Oregon, there are some inviting spa resorts that can be found about a 30-minute drive away in the Columbia River Gorge. These resorts are close enough to the city, yet far enough away at the same time, offering relaxing havens that are near all the action.

The Portland spas that can be found in the Downtown District and the adjacent Pearl District can more than meet your needs when it comes to being pampered. If you can't find your ideal spa match between these two districts, more Portland day spas can be found across the river in the Lloyd District area. The Ross Island Bridge provides the best place to cross over the water when looking to visit these spas. Back across the river in the Downtown District, some of the best spas figure among the facilities at the upscale hotels. Downtown hotels with spas in Portland Oregon include the Hotel Monaco. This upscale hotel's spa specializes in massage treatments, as well as waxing and facial treatments.

The Portland day spas are spread out across the area. The suburbs of Beaverton and Tigard, for example, are home to a few, as is the Irvington area and the Northwest District. There's even some to choose from up in the Vancouver Washington area. What this means is that you are never very far from a spa wherever you find yourself in the Portland region. Many of the Portland spas are also salons, it is worth noting, so when you're not enjoying a massage, a facial, a body wrap, or any other number of treatments, you might choose to update your look.

Staying at one of the hotels with spas in Portland Oregon is recommended if you are serious about pampering yourself while in town. In addition to the Hotel Monaco (pictured), the Portland hotels with spas include the Avalon Hotel & Spa, which is just a mile south of the Downtown District. There are also some downtown hotels that offer in-room spa treatments, as is the case at the Hotel Vintage Plaza. As for the specifics on the wonderful spa that can be found at the Avalon, it measures out to 13,000 square feet and specializes in both spa and fitness services. You can also update your look at this luxury spa, as it boasts a full-service salon.

Farther away to the east in the Columbia River Gorge, two inviting spa resorts only add to the area's spa lodging options. These resorts are the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort and Spa and the Skamania Lodge, both of which are upscale and offer excellent spa packages. The latter boasts a golf course should you also wish to add some golfing to your itinerary. As for the spa at the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort, it is a European-style spa that offers 12,000 square feet of space. Since it is set amid mineral springs, a number of water-based treatments are at the heart of things. Over at the Skamania Lodge, you might indulge in a Mojito Sugar Scrub when you're not enjoying a more classic spa treatment. During your Mojito Scrub, a blend of cane sugar, cocoa butter, lime butter, and mint is used to both exfoliate and moisturize skin.

Image: Kimpton Hotels (flickr)
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