Rogue River Rafting

Rogue River rafting is sure to be a satisfying vacation choice if a wilderness getaway is what you crave. Flowing more then 200 miles from the Cascades to the Pacific Ocean, the Rogue River is one of the premier white water opportunities on the West Coast, and a trip down the river will deliver not only exhilarating rapids but also stunning wildlife. This river winds through a canyon that is surrounded by Douglas fir trees, sandy beaches, and peaceful waterfalls. Many visitors read about the magic of Rogue River white water rafting but are still completely blown away by seeing it with their own eyes.

Beyond the river, encountering wildlife also makes this Oregon rafting trip special. This canyon is home to black bears, bald eagles, deer, salmon, and river otters. Right from your seat in the raft or kayak you are very likely to see a range of these animals. Many visitors come away from a rafting tour on the Rogue River feeling closer in tune with Mother Nature.

However, if beautiful wildlife comes second to exciting rapids in your mind, you’re in luck. Rogue River rafting also provides access to thrills, including rapids named Wildcat, Devil’s Staircase, and Horseshoe Bend. These Class III rapids are just the beginning though, as there are some Class IV rapids that will take your rafting experience to new heights. Mule Creek Canyon and Blossom Bar, two Class IV rapids, are sure to be highlights of your tour. If you’re looking for a quick float on the river with your family, this isn’t the right tour for you. Look into the Deschutes River near Portland for that kind of relaxing tour. Adventurous travelers will seek out a Rogue River white water rafting excursion. If you’re really passionate about rafting, tours extending to three, four, or five days can be planned with local companies as well.

Image: Northwest Rafting Company (flickr)

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