Seaside Oregon

Seaside Oregon is a popular tourist destination for a variety of reasons, including its superb natural attractions, great ocean views, miles of sandy beaches, outdoor activities, and shopping. Revered for its 1.8-mile Prom and unique antique stores, Seaside is located in the historic Clatsop County in Oregon, only a 90-minute drive from Portland. The oceanfront Prom, as it's called, is a perfect boulevard for those who love jogging and bike riding, as well as for travelers who would like close views of the Pacific Ocean. The Promenade land was donated to the City of Seaside by mayor and real estate developer Alexandre Gilbert in the early 1920s. Nearby, the Seaside Oregon beach is available for a wide variety of activities such as beach volleyball, flying kites, and building sand castles. With such wonderful things to do and see, Seaside is a dream destination for your vacation to the Oregon coast.

Seaside's name originated from a summer resort called Seaside House, which was built in the late 1800s by a railroad industrialist Ben Holladay. The city is also a site that marks the end of the Lewis and Clark trail. In 1990, a bronze statue of Lewis and Clark was built on the center of The Turnaround, at the end of Broadway Street, to commemorate the official end of the trail.

For more than 100 years, Seaside Oregon has been revered as one of the most popular ocean resorts along the Oregon coast, and today the city attracts thousands of tourists annually. Popular sports and recreational activities include the annual volleyball competition, the Portland-to-Coast relay walk, and the Hood-to-Coast relay race held every August. However, it is the beachside activities that draw the most tourists to this city. The Seaside Oregon beach is a hub for beachcombing, sandcastles, and kite flying, among other activities. Besides these activities, travelers can also play soccer, softball, Frisbee, and beach croquet on the Seaside beach. The beach is specifically known for various events and festivals, most notably the annual Seaside Sandcastle Competition. In addition, before heading towards the main Seaside Oregon beach, check out The Cove to have the finest views of migratory birds, surfers and the best ocean waves. Located at the Sunset Boulevard in southern Seaside, the Cove lets you explore tide pools to catch a glimpse of colorful fish and crabs.

Travelers enjoying their vacations shouldn't miss the wildlife and natural attractions in Seaside Oregon. The rich landscape of this ocean resort supports diverse wildlife and plenty of things to do and see. For instance, the North Gateway Park in Seaside has a great space for hiking trails. The park forest is culturally significant because it was once inhabited by the non-nomadic native Clatsop tribe. The forest area is protected by the North Coast Land Conservancy, so be careful not to harm any plants on your hike trail; you can seek the help of a local tour guide or contact the NCLC for more information on hiking trails. The 120-acre Sunset Beach State Park is a great place for hiking and other outdoor adventures, and visitors can see wildlife such as migratory birds and even whales. The park also provides direct access to the Pacific Ocean and the beach.

While there are various natural attractions to see, travelers shouldn't miss the Seaside Aquarium and its varied marine wildlife. Established in 1937, the aquarium is revered as one of the oldest aquariums on the West Coast, and along with the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, is one of the most popular attractions in the state. A favorite stop among kids, the aquarium's underwater area showcases vibrant marine life, including the translucent moon jellyfish, the twenty-ray starfish, moray eel, and the wolf eel. The underwater section also has an open floor pool displaying octopi. The Seaside Aquarium also exhibits other marine life from the Pacific Ocean including estuary creatures, colorful fish, and crustaceans. One of the best exhibits for kids is the Touch Tank, which allows children to touch harmless sea creatures such as anemones, sea urchins, and starfish. Besides the wonderful exhibits and spectacular marine displays, the Seaside Aquarium is a member of different local public awareness programs for schoolchildren, such as the Necanicum Estuary Discovery and the Mammal Stranding Network. Its combination of education and entertainment is sure to make it one of the favorite stops during any vacation along the Oregon coast.

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