Sisters Oregon

Sisters Oregon might as well be a part of Deschutes National Forest. It is that close. The forest sets the mood for this active and friendly town where snow-capped mountains, thick pine forests, and abundant streams and rivers paint the environment with natural attributes. Elevated at more than 3,000 feet, Sisters is located in central Oregon east of the majestic Cascade Mountains and exudes a special sort of feel through an 1880s-inspired Western theme throughout the entire town.

Fly fishing in Sisters Oregon is one of the top reasons visitors head there during Oregon vacations. From the wide-open expanse of the Deschutes River and the clear, cold, and free-flowing waters of the Metolius River, fly fishing in Sisters Oregon is a premier experience. Fishing has long-been a favored sport in this area. Mountain lakes, small creeks, and clear streams each offer many possibilities for a great catch. Sisters Oregon waterways offer a huge yield of salmon, rainbow trout, bull trout, and other fish species.

Since fly fishing is one of the top things to do in Sisters Oregon, it’s no surprise that there are dozens of charters and tours operating annually. The Metolius River is one of the best spots to get out and fish, and there are plenty of guides that take visitors to prime spots. The river merges west of Sisters, straight from the ground. It flows, without breaking, through a few smaller villages toward Lake Billy Chinook, which flows over almost forty miles. A little over ten of those miles are more than ideal for fly fishing in Sisters Oregon.

There are a host of things to do in Sisters Oregon besides fishing. Mountain climbing is a great sport to try out. Golf is another top pastime and there are several excellent 18-hole golf courses nearby, like popular Black Butte Ranch. Mountain biking, hiking, rafting, and kayaking each tie into the vast river systems throughout Sisters Oregon via the rivers and adjacent paths. Plenty of local rodeos add more excitement to days spent in Sisters while in the winter months, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and sledding are all possibilities.

Avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts can’t get enough of Deschutes National Forest, which offers a million and half acres of outdoor fun via wild streams and rivers, hiking and cycling trails, and plenty of scenic vistas and drives. Sparkling lakes and green, alpine valleys and meadows are dispersed through Three Sisters Wildness Area, a haven for excitement and adventure.

Arts and culture in Sisters Oregon are as easy to find as the many outdoor adventures are. Twelve unique art galleries focus on local talent and feature paintings, clay, fiber art, jewelry, photography, and other mediums. Films and live music are another important part of a cultural experience in Sisters. The Sisters Folk Festival is one of the best live music events in the region and opens each September for three days. Shopping is where the treasures become increasingly evident. Antique shops, art stores, and plenty of unique stops offer a host of special souvenirs and memorabilia for visitors to take back home. The restaurants are just as original as the shops are so don’t miss out on dining in Sisters Oregon.

The many things to do in Sisters Oregon includes discovering exactly why the town is so unique through its interesting and homey galleries and shops selling rare wares and plenty of one-of-a-kind goods, via a hike through the back country to explore the dense forests and natural wildlife, and by attending one of the many local events that illustrates the close-knit community’s commitment to keeping it simple and fun. There are plenty of hotels in Sisters, meaning you can spend as long as you like exploring this delightful town.

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