Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge Mt. Hood is a ski resort area located on Mt. Hood, Oregon. The Timberline Lodge Oregon ski area has the longest ski season in the United States, and as such sees traffic from many professional snow sport enthusiasts. Mt. Hood Timberline Ski resort Oregon remains one of the oldest and most popular places to ski and snowboard in the state of Oregon.

Timberline Lodge Mt. Hood was first opened in 1938, and was constructed as part of a Works Progress Administration project during the United States' Great Depression. The main Timberline Lodge Oregon was built from stone and large, whole timber logs. Although the lodge has been renovated since its original build, the main structure still remains in tact.

When Timberline Lodge Mt. Hood was first opened to the public, the main way up the mountain for skiers was a rope tow, and in 1939 an electric chairlift was installed. Although these additions to the Mt. Hood Timberline Ski Resort Oregon were popular, the lodge did not at first see widespread success, and in the 1950's Timberline Lodge Mt. Hood was all but falling apart. Richard Kohnstamm, whose family still operates the lodge and ski area, is credited with saving the resort from bankruptcy and bringing it to its current status as a successful ski resort. Timberline Lodge Oregon is now privately owned, rather than being a government owned property. The lodge has also made an appearance in a number of films, including, The Shining, Hear No Evil, Bend of the River, and All the young Men.

If you plan to stay at Timberline Lodge overnight, you will have a few different options for accommodation.  A total of 70 units are located within the lodge, and just 60 of those have their own bathrooms.  The other 10 have shared bathrooms.  Rates for rooms with private bathrooms start at about $130 per night, while rates for rooms with shared bathrooms start at about $80 per night.  The lodge can fill up on the weekends or on a holiday, so book your stay well in advance if you want to stay during these busy times.  To book a room, you can go online or call Timberline Lodge directly.

Thanks to the amount of care that went into constructing the original Timberline Lodge Oregon, the lodge remains one of the most beloved and most finely crafted in the United States. Although guestrooms remain simple, with shared bathrooms and basic accommodation, many skiers and snowboarders enjoy its proximity to the mountain. During the day, the lodge serves food for skiers and snowboarders, and there is also a full-service bar at the lodge. It is also possible to stay at other locations in nearby towns and shuttle up to the mountain, if you choose not to stay at the lodge itself.

Silcox HutAlong with the lodge itself, a warming hut was also built in the 1930's as part of the WPA project. Known as the Silcox Hut, the warming station is found about a mile up the mountain from Timberline Lodge. Although Silcox Hut had fallen into disrepair along with the main lodge, it has since been renovated and serves as a starting place for Mt. Hood climbers, a hostel for overnight guests, and can also be rented out to large groups for overnight stays. Silcox Lodge also serves food to climbers staying overnight.

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