Timberline Ski Resort

Timberline Ski Resort is an extremely popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts in and around Oregon. This picturesque locale enjoys the longest ski season in the US, making it a top choice for many skiers from the Northwest and beyond. The Timberline Ski Lodge is situated on Mt. Hood and ensconced in the magically beautiful Mt. Hood National Forest.

The Timberline ski area Oregon was originally opened in the late 1930s and was built with a very focused attention to detail. The lodge fell into a state of relative disrepair by the 1950s, but was rescued by the private owners whose family still operates the property and business to this day. It is now a wonderful destination for anyone looking to enjoy an awesome ski vacation in one of the most breathtaking areas in Oregon. You can buy day passes, summer season passes, as well as a range of options for packages for the peak winter season.

There are plenty of options for both skiers and snowboarders at the Timberline Ski Resort. There are miles of runs that are open to both sports, specifically eight alpine trails. In 2007, the Timberline Ski Lodge saw the addition of the Still Crekk Basin, which added nearly six miles of additional lower mountain terrain, featuring eight alpine trails, and the Jeff Flood Express Chairlift, officially the longest lift on Mt. Hood and also run completely on wind power. There is also plenty of awesome freestyle terrain that includes obstacles, jumps, and a variety of other alluring features. Lessons are also available here. The great thing is that you can enjoy all of this in the middle of the year, even as it is boiling hot over in Portland. This is certainly not the case at the Timberline ski area Oregon. The good times and choice snow at Timberline Ski Resort continue going nearly year round.

If you are planning an overnight or extended stay at the Timberline Ski Lodge, you will have several options at your disposal when it comes to accommodations. The lodge has 70 total units, 60 of which feature private bathrooms. The remaining 10 offer shared bathroom facilities. It is a bit pricier to rent a room with a bathroom en-suite, but this is more than worth the up charge for many people. The rates for the rooms with shared bathrooms can be up to 40 percent cheaper than the others. The lodge can fill up rather quickly, especially on the weekends, so it is highly advisable for you to make advance reservations. There is a restaurant open during the day as well as a full-service bar that caters to the hungry and thirsty skiers and snowboarders coming off of the hills. You can even enjoy extreme mountain biking at the Timberline ski area Oregon. There are a decent amount of restaurants and markets in the surrounding areas if the event you need to stock up on snack or want to head out for an evening.

Another cool feature of the lodge is the Silcox Hut, a warming station built along with the original resort in the 1930s, but newly renovated. There are runs for skiers of all stages, from beginners to advanced. You are sure to have an amazing time at this beautiful ski resort and lodge on Mt. Hood.

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