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The state of Oregon is a great place for a day trip or organized tour.  Oregon tours can include all kinds of outdoor activities, as well as a wealth of cultural experiences.  Whether you want to organize Oregon tours on your own, or just find out about some of the best day trips in Oregon, the following information should help you learn about some of Oregon's best attractions.

One special way to spend the day in Oregon is on a yacht tour of Portland.  Oregon tours of Portland can be organized by booking a spot on the Portland Spirit, a yacht which takes travelers along the Columbia River for brunch, dinner and lunch cruises.  The yacht is more than 75 feet long and makes for a luxurious afternoon and is a great way to see the city.  Reservations can only be made over the phone, and the most recent schedules can be found over the phone, as well.  Prices range from $16 per adult to just over $60, depending on which meal you eat on board.  A discount of about ten percent applies to children.

Another great place for Oregon day trips is the Crater Lake National Park.  During the summer in particular, Crater Lake is ideal for hikes and tours that will last the better part of a day.  Between the hours of 10am and 5pm daily during the summer, rangers offer 15-educational talks about the area.  Rangers also lead tours, which are completely free, through the National Park offering information about the flora and fauna.  Between the months of June and August, there are also outdoor programs happening at the Mazama Campground each night at 9pm.  Programs range from simple talks to interactive games and plays for the whole family. 

If, instead of hiking, your feel like sitting down for your Oregon day trips, then a driving tour may be for you.  One of the best places for driving day trips Oregon is along the Historic Columbia River Highway.  The highway starts about 15 miles east of Portland, and goes all the way to the coast.  Along the way, you will see the Portland Women's Forum State Scenic view point, which is the best place to stop for pictures of the Gorge.  Keeping going and you will see a number of waterfalls along the highway, perhaps the most impressive of which is Multnomah Falls, which plummets from a height of over 600 feet.  If you were to drive without stopping from Portland to the coast, it would take about three hours.  This makes for a comfortable day trip if you want to stop and check out the sites along the way.  Leave time at the end of your driving day trips Oregon for a stop at Lewis and Clark State Park, which is located at the confluence of the Sandy River and is a great park in the summer for picnicking and wading in the river.

Another great idea for Oregon Day trips is a trek to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  Day trips in Oregon to the cheese factory are a treat for many reasons.  From windows high above the actual cheese-making room, visitors can watch it all happening right in front of them.  Free samples of cheese, yogurt and more are found throughout the factory, as well as an enormous plastic cow with inner parts designed to show visitors how a cow turns all of that grass into milk.  Of course, no Tillamook day trips Oregon would be complete without a hefty helping of some Tillamook ice cream.  Ice cream can be purchased right on sight, and its fresh taste is hard to beat.

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