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Oregon’s reputation as a wild and exciting outdoor playground laden with all the modern amenities travelers could want draws many visitors. Oregon seems to transform individuals into the most curious and intrepid adventurers there are—continuously chasing after the best ocean waves during Oregon beach vacations, searching for the most priceless views along rocky shores, or simply experiencing Oregon’s amazing culinary savvy. From fishing and crabbing to shopping and dining, Oregon is filled with a mesmerizing scope of things to do.

A sense of adventure along with a good dose of humor are both essential when exploring Oregon’s vast, environmental network. Arts and culture are two important aspects of Oregon vacations. Arts and culture appear as much during urban exploration as they do during Oregon beach vacations. From geocaching along the Oregon Coast to taking tours through Oregon’s top wineries, there is always an event or activity that draws visitors into the state's history. The Portland Indie Food & Wine Festival, a boatload of rodeos, historic home tours, and film and music events illustrate a rich arts and culture scene in Oregon and create plenty of possibilities in some of the best Oregon vacation spots.

Oregon vacations often focus on outdoor recreation. The huge choice in outdoor sports and activities are simply the largest of all state attractions and the wild and pristine backdrop that sets the mood. Hike rugged Mount Hood, cycle one of the thousands of trails carving through scenic areas, explore more than 180 state parks and 12 national forests, or traverse some of the 400 beautiful miles of Oregon’s Pacific Coast Trail. Rafting is another huge hit with visitors, and with areas to accommodate all skill levels, the whole family can participate. Or rent your own transportation and take in all the beauty with a road trip along the Northern Oregon Scenic Coast Drive. The list of outdoor opportunities is incredibly long.

Though Portland is known around the world, there are many Oregon vacation spots that are equally captivating yet lesser known. Bend is a place of diversity, beauty, and tons of recreational fun. Bike, raft, and ski while planning more activities such as golfing, fishing, and sightseeing. The twelve-story high Sea Lion Caves in Florence are a must-see for wildlife lovers while the Multnomah Falls is appreciated by photographers and sightseers alike during Oregon vacations.

If an Oregon beach vacation is high on the agenda, head to the stunning coast. The coast is by far one of the top Oregon vacation spots and one that offers all the rewards of the ocean. Sailing and fishing are two top things to do along the coast. Go on an adventure to locate all the historic lighthouses in the area, of which there are many. Hike through the coastal dunes in the north. Or simply hole up during Oregon beach vacations in beach rental, watch fantastic sunsets, indulge in tasty, fresh seafood, and unwind with the ocean at your doorstep.

Sea Lion Caves

Sea Lion Caves

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