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Deciding when will be the best time to tour Oregon will depend greatly on what kinds of things you want to do once you get there. Oregon coast travel is often best enjoyed during the summer, although some coast enthusiasts enjoy the quiet of the fall or the winter. Oregon state tourism in general is at its height in summer; however the ski hills are of course the exception.

Oregon coast travel is perhaps one of the best known ways to tour Oregon. The Oregon Aquarium, located in Newport, Oregon near the coast, is the nation’s biggest and best aquarium. Hundreds of species, both local and international varieties, make this particular aquarium something special. If you plan to camp up and down the coast, summer is really the only time when you can find all of the campsites open, with weather that easily accommodates camping. Vacation rentals on the beach are also a popular way to go, and these can generally be rented throughout the year.

If you plan to ski or snowboard, you will of course want plan your Oregon state tourism during the winter. Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor are the two big destinations for winter fun. Timberline Lodge comes to life during the winter when guests flock to the unique lodge as warming place and as a place to stay on ski trips. Though these mountains are ideal for winter fun, Mt Hood is also a great place to visit in the summer. The Ski Bowl Action Park is a summer fun playground where guests can mountain bike and hike the trails with the help of the chairlift, which stays open during the summer.

Oregon state tourism to the popular city of Portland can truly be enjoyed any time of the year, though travelers will likely find that the warm summer months draw more visitors and thus attractions tend to cost more. The Portland Rose Test garden is best seen between the months of April and June, when the roses are in full bloom, though the park can be enjoyed all summer long. There are a nice variety of other flowers, and the park is one of the loveliest places for a picnic in the city. Sightseeing tours in Oregon through the city can also be arranged, or you can plan your own sightseeing tours in Oregon to the Portland Art Museum, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, or the Oregon Zoo.

Many travelers plan to tour Oregon for wine tasting. The Willamette Valley is a lush valley that is perfect for growing wine grapes, and as such a number of great wineries have sprung up in the valley. Sightseeing tours in Oregon of wine country can be arranged through area hotels, and can be a great way to check out the wineries without having to drive. Wineries are best visited between the spring and fall months of the year.

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