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Finding good deals on flights to Pennsylvania can be largely dependent on when you travel and which city you fly into. For the most part, Philadelphia flights are the least expensive and service flights from the most diverse number of US cities and flights from Western Europe. Flights to Pittsburgh can also be a good deal. There are also a number of smaller Pennsylvania airports in towns such as Erie and Lancaster. For travelers going on vacations to these spots who want direct flights to Pennsylvania to the town, this might be a better option. As with flights into most other destinations, the popularity of travel during the summer months results in higher prices for flights to Pennsylvania during the summer, although great deals and discounts can be found throughout the year.

Philadelphia flights into the Philadelphia International Airport offer the highest number of choices for flights to Pennsylvania. The airport has recently experienced a major renovation, which resulted in the addition of new terminals and increased the number of Philadelphia flights substantially. International airlines such as British Airways and other European-based airlines make daily Philadelphia flights in and out of the city. Big-name airlines such as Continental, American airlines and others also fly into Philadelphia multiple times a day. The Philadelphia International Airport is also a connecting spot for many smaller airlines, which make trips north to Portland and Bangor Maine and other smaller airports in the northeast, as well as smaller Pennsylvania airports.

Flights to Pittsburgh are also a popular choice for travel into Pennsylvania. All flights to Pittsburgh come through the Pittsburgh International Airport and although this is a smaller airport than the Philadelphia airport, it still offers a wide range of airline choices and a variety of flight times. International flights also make their way to Pittsburgh but aren't usually as inexpensive as an international flight to Philadelphia. Discounts and deals on flights to Pittsburgh can usually be found by booking flights to Pittsburgh at off-times during the day or during the season.

There are also some smaller Pennsylvania airports in the towns of Lancaster, Harrisburg and Erie. The Harrisburg Airport is one of the newest Pennsylvania airports and within the airport, travelers will have access to free internet and some other nice amenities. The Erie Airport mostly services flights from other northeast cities and is a great way to save time on vacations in Erie by being able to fly directly into town and drive straight to Lake Erie for fishing, camping, hiking or other vacation activities. The Lancaster Airport is another of the more popular Pennsylvania airports for travelers who want to fly directly into town to start their vacations. Lancaster is known as one of the best places to go to experience the Pennsylvania countryside as well as learn about the Amish and Mennonite cultures, which still exist and thrive in the area. Although flights into these smaller Pennsylvania airports will not usually be the cheapest, they can save on time and thus can be quite convenient.

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