Dorney Park Rides

Dorney Park rides are excellent, and there are thrilling options for travelers of all ages. Currently boasting six coasters, the Dorney Park roller coasters draw enthusiasts from all over the world. The best known coaster at Dorney Park, the ThunderHawk, a wooden coaster debuted in 1923 under the name, "The Coaster." From wood to steel, Steel Force was the first coaster in the Eastern United States to reach 200 feet high. It takes riders up to 75 miles per hour, through two tunnels and down a 205-foot drop. Hydra, the Revenge, is the only floorless roller coaster in the state of Pennsylvania and worth getting Dorney Park tickets alone. Immediately twisting riders upside-down as they leave the station, this coaster's half-mile of steel track is a favorite of many guests who ride Dorney Park roller coasters.

Considered one of the best rides at Dorney Park is the Dorney Park Talon roller coaster. Its 135-foot summit makes it the tallest inverted roller coaster in all of the Northeastern United States, but its 3,110 feet of length makes Dorney Park Talon the longest as well. It also boasts four inversions: a 98-foot vertical loop, a zero-gravity roll, a stomach-turning Immelmann loop, and a corkscrew. Built with a special thought to form, using special sound-dampening materials, Dorney Park Talon is also an impressively quiet and graceful roller coaster and a favorite of all the Dorney Park roller coasters.

Dorney Park's reputation doesn't end at roller coasters. The park's thrill rides are some of the best Dorney Park rides. The two 200-foot towers of Dominator defy gravity. The first tower catapults riders fifteen stories in the air, while the second tower raises and drops riders 170 feet at speeds faster than free-fall. Another of Dorney's thrill rides is Possessed, previously known as Voodoo. In this ride, 704-foot long U-shaped suspended impulse coaster propels riders straight up into a vertical corkscrew and dangles riders precariously above the park grounds below.

Perhaps the most exciting addition to Dorney Park rides during the 2010 season is Demon Drop. Originally opening in Dorney Park's sister park, Cedar Point, in the 1980s, this relocated free-fall ride is a favorite of thrill ride enthusiasts and a highly anticipated addition to Dorney Park. Upon boarding the Demon Drop four-person car, riders are elevated to the top of a tower in only six seconds, suspended at the top before plummeting 60 feet in less than two seconds. The car is decelerated by a computer-monitored braking system on a pull-out curve before returning to the exit station. Demon Drop is sure to be one of the best rides at Dorney Park.

Wildwater Kingdom's Dorney Park rides have plenty of wet excitement to offer, as well. A favorite water ride is Aqua Blast, which is one of the world’s longest elevated waterslides, standing 70 feet tall. Up to five guests can ride on giant multi-person rafts down Aqua Blast's steep curves and twists before ending in the pool at the bottom. Thunder Canyon and Thunder Creek Mountain are similar multi-rider raft rides. Patriot's Plunge and Jumpin Jack Splash water slides offer a different combination of drops, enclosed tubes and giant slides. Aqua Racer offers guests the opportunity to race each other to the bottom of a 300-foot long, six lane slide. For those who prefer a calmer experience, Wildwater River and Runaway River offer slower tube trips down a calmer waters, enjoying tunnels and waterfalls. Perhaps one of the best rides at Dorney Park on a hot day is White Water Landing. Twenty passenger boats take an 80-foot plummet to a pool below, creating a huge splash that soaks riders and onlookers alike.

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