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Not only is the state of Pennsylvania a major tourist destination for historical sites and educational adventures, but Pennsylvania events can add to the charm of a trip to Pennsylvania. From historical events in Pennsylvania to events in Pennsylvania celebrating regular life in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania festivals run the gamut of different types of celebrations throughout the year. Information about some of the most popular Pennsylvania events is provided below.

Groundhog Day

As shown in the famous movie of the same name, Groundhog Day is an important part of life in Pennsylvania for many natives. Each spring in the town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania the entire town gets together for 4 days of eating, taking hay rides, showcasing art and finding out whether or not winter is coming to a close or plans to wrap itself up and give way to spring. Coming to town and enjoying Groundhog day, one of the most historic events in Pennsylvania, is totally free of charge for visitors.

Dad Vail Regatta

This is one of the biggest events in Pennsylvania for college crew teams. Every year on the second weekend in May, hundreds of great college crew teams from around the country gather to compete in one of the largest rowing events in the northeast. The crowd at Fairmont Park, where the event is held, is far from being exclusively made up of college kids as many members of the community turn up to watch the excitement. The park is also an excellent place for a picnic, and admission is totally free. This is also adjacent to the Philadelphia Zoo.

Deck the Alley

Another of the more popular Pennsylvania festivals is the annual Deck the Alley celebration held in historic Pennsylvania each June. This is one of the major Pennsylvania events for history-lovers as over 300 homes and buildings (the city's most historic) are open to the public for viewing. To add to the fun of one of the most historic events in Pennsylvania, characters dressed like patrons from Pennsylvania's colonial days also roam the streets. This is one of the favorite events in Pennsylvania, and cost is around $15 for an adult and free for children ages 17 and under.

Jam on the River

Jam on the River is one of the biggest Pennsylvania festivals for music and happens at the end of May each year in Pennsylvania. This is one of the most popular Pennsylvania events for locals, who bring chairs and pillows to stretch near the stage at the Great Plaza at Penn's Landing, where the festival is held. Cost of admission is around $30 and the musical acts which come to play change each year, so check directly with the event staffers to find out about upcoming shows.

Washington Crossing the Delaware

Each year on Christmas Day, locals and travelers gather for one of the most historical events in Pennsylvania; a reenactment of Washington crossing the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War, a move that would prove to be a major victory and help lead to the colony's ultimate overthrow of the British government in the United States. Admission for this, one of the biggest events in Pennsylvania and most popular Pennsylvania is totally free.



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