Fallingwater, designed by the illustrious American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and located in southwestern Pennsylvania, a few hours outside Pittsburgh, is one of the most unusual homes in the world and is among the architect's most celebrated works. Today, this Frank Lloyd Wright house remains empty as a living space in an effort to maintain the beauty of the home and surroundings. Fallingwater tours are quite popular, drawing visitors from miles around; in fact, they are so popular that several types of reservations and tickets must be booked months in advance. In addition to tours, Fallingwater also offers several programs for students and opportunities for those anticipating a celebration or event.

Edgar Kaufmann Sr. commissioned Wright to design a summer home at Bear Run with the ending result being Fallingwater. The Kaufmanns were a unique family, maintaining a keen sense of style throughout their lives, resulting in the Kaufmann department store. Edgar Kaufmann jr. (the lower case being his preferred suffix), studied architecture under Wright for a short span of time, and during that time, the famous architect accepted the challenge of this architectural wonder. Wright’s passion for Japanese architectural designs appears strikingly in this particular structure, and the flawless blend with the surrounding nature is profound.

After trials over the designs, and finally acceptance from both parties, construction began in April 1936 and was completed less than two years later in October of 1937. The total cost at the time was $155,000, roughly equivalent to $2.4 million today. About 30 years later, Kaufmann Jr. donated the property to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, and it was opened to the public as a museum in 1964. Since it opened, the property has drawn close to 6 million visitors.

Visitors have several available options to choose from when deciding which tour to purchase. Regular tours entails one hour of guided walking throughout the home, while the in-depth tour lasts about two hours. In this version, visitors are welcomed into more areas of the home, while expert tour guides elaborate on interpretations and meaningful relations of the home and surrounding nature that Wright intended in his finest of masterpieces.

There are also options for a Sunset Tour and a Brunch Tour; these in-depth tours last for about two hours and end on the terrace, where guests will enjoy a meal where the original owners once dined. The Focus Tour is a private showing for groups of two to six people, and it is available through the special coordinator. Other tours include the family tour, the landscape tour, and the lecture series. In addition, guests are welcome to take a self-guided tour of the grounds every day, weather permitting.

Fallingwater also hosts several types of events, including wedding receptions, conferences, nonprofit events, and meetings. Engaged couples can choose from four spaces for a lifetime experience, the fireplace room, the threshing room, the courtyard, or the amphitheater. Conferences, meetings, and nonprofit events take place in the barn in either the fireplace room or the threshing room. Whether you are here for a tour, on business, or to enjoy a special day, this Frank Lloyd Wright house offers a substantial amount of intriguing details that will teach you about local history, and provide memories—and amazing photographs—that you'll treasure for years to come.

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