Gettysburg Hotels

The town of Gettysburg Pennsylvania is a popular place to visit. The National Gettysburg Cemetery and the Gettysburg National Museum are both found here in Gettysburg, as are a number of other great things to do in Gettysburg. Folks planning to stay at Gettysburg hotels on their vacation, you will find that they can choose between big name hotels and a number of smaller, privately owned hotels in Gettysburg while they enjoy the many excellent Gettysburg attractions.

Battlefield Bed and Breakfast Inn

This is one of the best Gettysburg hotels for folks who love the idea of bed and breakfast hotels in Gettysburg. The Battlefield was first constructed in 1809 and was built right on the front lines of what would later be the stage for the Battle of Gettysburg. Guests staying at this historic Gettysburg hotel will be treated to themed rooms and views of historical reenactments and demonstrations during their time at this Gettysburg lodging. All of the rooms have their own private bathrooms.

James Gettys Hotel

This is another of the best historic Gettysburg hotels in town. In fact, this historic Gettysburg hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and once served as a hospital for soldiers during the American Civil War. Not only does each room at this Gettysburg lodging feature its own bathroom, but the rooms have their own refrigerators and other modern conveniences.


This is another of the Gettysburg hotels found on the front lines of the Battle of Gettysburg. Not only is much of the original furniture still in tact for viewing in the main sitting room, but guests of this Gettysburg lodging can see bullet holes from the famous battle still leaving their mark in some of the walls. During the summer, this is one of the best hotels in Gettysburg due to its nice garden, where guests can sit and even eat in the evening.

The Gaslight Inn

The Gaslight adds to the long list of hotels in Gettysburg, which have a rich history. This hotel was once a large home in Gettysburg and was first constructed in the late 19th century. All of the rooms at this Gettysburg hotel have their own bathrooms, and guests can eat breakfast in the morning with the rest of their hotel guests.

The Herr Tavern and Public House

Started as a public house and tavern before the Civil War, the Herr Tavern and Public House has continued to serve that purpose right on through the war to the present day. In recent years, the public house portion has been fully restored to comfortably accommodate modern guests, and the entire structure is located on the front lines of the location of the Battle of Gettysburg. All of the rooms have their own bathrooms, and snacks are available here throughout the day.

In addition to hotel in Gettyburg, the nearby town of Philadelphia is only about 2 hours away by car and is also a great place to stay on Philadelphia vacations. Here, guests can tour Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the Franklin Institute, as well as check out the world famous Love Park. The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Philadelphia Zoo are also fun ways to spend a day in Philadelphia.

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