Lake Erie

Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes found in North America and although it is the smallest of the five lakes when measured according to water volume has the fourth largest surface area, making it the shallowest of the five lakes. Lake Erie spreads into Ontario Canada and also borders Ohio, New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Although the prime location of Lake Erie and the Lake Erie waterfront make this lake an ideal place to fish and recreate for many locals, some levels of pollution have brought attention to clean-up of the Lake Erie Waterfront for users to continue to enjoy. Fishing charters on Lake Erie are still popular, however, and remains the most popular way to enjoy Lake Erie.

The history of Lake Erie not only includes information about Native American tribes who once made the Lake Erie waterfront their home, but also information about the Battle of Lake Erie, which was an important battle as part of the War of 1812. Fought in 1813, the Battle of Lake Erie resulted in the defeat of 6 ships which were part of the Royal Navy of Great Britain. This victory at the Battle of Lake Erie allowed the United States Navy to not only win the battle, but take back control of Lake Erie and subsequently control of Detroit and the Thames River.

Today, Lake Erie charters for fishing and recreation are by far the most popular way folks enjoy Lake Erie. Fishing Charters on Lake Erie dropped during the 1960s and 1970s due to reports that the lake had become so polluted that fish and other resident creatures were dying in droves. Clean-up efforts resulted in the return of fishermen and a return of the business of Lake Erie charters. Fish do exist in the lake alongside other lake creatures; however there are now limitations on annual numbers of fish which can be caught. Fishing licenses for fishing in Pennsylvania are required, and this also applies to fishing in Lake Erie. Out of town guests can obtain a license for about $21 and each person fishing age 16 and up must have a fishing license and have it displayed.

To rent Lake Erie Charters, travelers can visit various spots in Pennsylvania. Ontario Canada is the hub for almost all of the commercial fisheries on Lake Erie, and travelers will have the best luck finding fishing charters on Lake Erie at towns in the United States. Fishing charters on Lake Erie are available for both half-day and full-day fishing trips, and guests who book a fishing charter will need to have purchased their own fishing license. Everything else will be provided, including fishing poles, life jackets, and lunch for full-day trips. Guests of fishing charters on Lake Erie will also be provided with materials for cleaning fish and taking them home to eat later. Guests are encouraged to bring coolers with ice for transport.

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