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Philadelphia flights are frequent, quick, and affordable from many parts of the country. Affordable Philadelphia airfare may entice you into booking a weekend getaway in the first place, but when you begin to research all the things to do in Philly, you’ll be glad you're making a trip to the birthplace of America. And a cheap flight to Philadelphia is just the beginning—you can save money by visiting museums during free hours, shopping at vintage stores, and walking or taking public transit to get around the city. An expansion of the airport has made it easier than ever to fly to Philadelphia, making the city accessible to more Americans who are curious about its history.

You will be able to find Philadelphia flights on a variety of airlines, including American, Continental, Delta, United, US Airways, Northwest, and Southwest. Some international airlines also fly to Philadelphia, including British Airways, Air Canada, and Air Jamaica. Philadelphia airfare is affordable even though the airport is in a great location. At only seven miles from the airport to downtown, it is simple and affordable to arrive in Center City after getting off your cheap flight to Philadelphia. Taxis, shuttles, trains, buses, or rental cars are all options to reach your hotel or final destination.

If securing a cheap flight to Philadelphia is your priority, you may want to pay extra attention to the time of year you travel. While it is possible to enjoy Philly year round, some times of year are much more crowded than others. The summer in general is a very crowded time, and it would be rare to find a discount on flights or accommodation. This is especially true over the 4th of July weekend, which always draws a number of visitors with a renewed interest in American history. Thanksgiving and Christmas are also popular times with travelers. Many hotels offer deals during the low season of January and February, and it is even more common for bed and breakfasts to offer discounts outside of the summer season.

Affordable Philadelphia flights make a trip to the city for a weekend a possibility. Once you arrive, there are many attractions to keep you occupied. From museums to sports matches, nightlife to markets, shopping to breweries, travelers may just be surprised at all Philly has to offer. A short flight from many destinations in the United States, Philadelphia is growing in popularity as a destination for a quick urban break. The city is earning a reputation for its restaurants, and many foodies will travel for restaurant week in the city. If you plan to visit then, be sure to book your reservations ahead of time, for both restaurants and accommodation.

Next time you’re looking for Philadelphia airfare, check during the week as opposed to the weekends. Midweek travel is sure to earn you a significant discount, as Philly is a popular weekend getaway destination. If you’re traveling during a popular period, look outside of Center City for accommodation—you may just find something affordable in one of the outlying neighborhoods. Transportation will allow you to still explore all of Philly without a problem, no matter where you’re staying.

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