Philadelphia Airport

The Philadelphia airport makes travel to this historic city a breeze. Whether you’ve planned a trip to Philly to see the Liberty Bell or the Italian Market, arriving to the city is easy. The Philadelphia International Airport has many concourses that serve a variety of airlines. Philly is well served by domestic flights, as well as international arrivals, especially from Europe. This modern airport has all the amenities travelers would expect, including parking, a food court, shopping, and even a Marriott Hotel on the premises. While driving to Philadelphia is a popular option, for people who are traveling longer distances to reach the birthplace of America, the Philadelphia airport can be reached easily and affordably.

Airlines to Philadelphia are varied and depend upon your place of origin. Most large cities in the US should have direct flights to Philly, while others may require a stopover along the way. Airlines to Philadelphia include American Airways, Continental, Delta, United, US Airways, Northwest, and Southwest. Depending on the season and availability of tickets, an affordable fare to Philadelphia should be able to be found without too much trouble. In addition, not only American carriers fly to Philly. There are many internationally based airlines to Philadelphia, including British Airways, Air Canada, and Air Jamaica.

The location of Philadelphia International Airport couldn’t be more convenient: It is just seven miles south of Central Philadelphia. Because of the close proximity to the city, travelers have a great variety of ground transportation to choose from. This airport in Pennsylvania has a network of cabs, rental cars, regional trains, shuttles, buses, and limos that all can help you reach your final destination in the city. Taxis are efficient in Philadelphia, and a typical fare from the airport to the center of the city costs a flat rate of $28.50. This rate is based on the trip, not the amount of people in the taxi.

An affordable way to travel is the regional train service, which brings passengers from the Philadelphia airport to certain stops in the city for $7; stops include University City and MarketEast. When making a reservation at a hotel, ask if the regional train is an option for transportation from the airport. While taxis and shuttles can be affected by traffic, the train is an efficient and affordable way of reaching the city. Other popular transportation options are the shuttle and shared van services. These options are less expensive than taxis and group travelers according to final destination in the city. It may not be the quickest way to reach your hotel, but it is a good service at a fair price.

Philadelphia International Airport has many services for travelers arriving from overseas. The opportunity to change money, book a hotel, rent a car, and even find information on Philadelphia and the surrounding area are all available at the airport. Many travelers depend on the Philly airport each year. In 2008, 31.8 million people traveled through the airport, and an expansion of the airport in 2001 has contributed to this steady growth, meeting the demands of the Philadelphia community and travelers. Whether sports teams, museums, local breweries, or history brings you to the City of Brotherly Love, the Philadelphia airport will be a pleasant part of your travels.

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