Center City Philadelphia

Center City Philadelphia is an affordable, bustling, and historic place to live. For the same reasons so many people desire to live in the neighborhood, it is a perennially popular place among visitors. Hotels, both large and small, in Center City offer close proximity to shops, restaurants, and nightlife. A getaway in Philadelphia includes a variety of history, from relics of the birthplace of America to the fourth-largest Chinatown in the country. Whether you're visiting its art museums, gardens, waterfront district, or nightclubs, Center City Philadelphia will keep you entertained at any time of year.

A cultural as well as a historical experience, Center City is home to a busy Chinatown in Philadelphia. Visitors are thrilled by the markets, gift shops, and sheer amount of choice for restaurants. Chinatown in Philadelphia features much more than just Chinese food, and restaurants include Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese, and Taiwanese. It also has its own historical landmark, the Chinatown Friendship Gate, which is the first authentic Chinese gate built in American by Chinese artisans. After a flavorful meal and a walk through the gate, many visitors head for Philadelphia Old City, a district along the waterfront that has developed into an up-and-coming area. Galleries, restaurants, and nightlife are found in Philadelphia Old City, which is gaining a reputation as a playground for the city’s young and hip.

Travelers with an interest in music should head for Philadelphia Old City as well, where many of the top local bands play a set while onlookers drink a local brew. Return during the day to shop for local art and interesting furniture that you won’t find elsewhere. If you’re looking for a bit of history during your trip to Center City Philadelphia, look no further than society hill. Here, the country’s largest collection of colonial-era houses has survived, and you can walk the same streets as our founding fathers as you check them out. Trendy shops and restaurants are popping up in the area as well, bringing some life to a historical afternoon.

Perhaps the most famous location in city center is Rittenhouse Square. What was once an upscale residential quarter is now the home of shops, restaurants, and quaint sidewalk cafés. This area doesn’t have the bustle of Chinatown in Philadelphia, but it does have a different charm. Travelers interested in nineteenth-century architecture will be thrilled by the well-preserved buildings in the area. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a great place to spend a rainy day, or if the sun is shining, head for Fairmount Park. The best part about Center City Philadelphia is exploring on foot and finding the many gems the city has to offer.

South Street Philadelphia remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. What was once a garment district has been transformed into a bohemian neighborhood of shops, restaurants, and nightlife. While some of the more authentic bars have closed to make way for chain stores, the heart of South Street still survives. If you’re looking for nightlife any day of the week, this is the area of Philadelphia to head for. Other popular areas to explore during your trip to Philadelphia include Northwest Philadelphia, home to Germantown, and South Philly, known for the best cheesesteaks in the city.

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