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Philadelphia events lure crowds to this historic city year-round. Musical events, patriotic celebrations, cultural holidays, and art exhibitions all fill the calendar in Philadelphia each year. Festivals in Philadelphia show visitors that culture is not only alive, but thriving. If you do plan a trip to Philadelphia for a special event, be sure to see the basics as well. You can immerse yourself in American history with walking tours, see the Liberty Bell up close, and take a stroll through Fairmount Park. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone if you plan a trip to the city during one of the best Philadelphia events as you enjoy a unique festival and take in the city itself.

Each summer brings the Philadelphia folk festival. A popular event for almost 50 years, this annual August music festival is enjoyed by people of all ages, and crafts for kids, a variety of concerts, and international acts make up this exciting event. Some visitors choose to camp as not to miss one act of the Philadelphia folk festival, which is perennially defined by good weather, good music, and a good atmosphere; for a taste of the ambience, you can look up past performances on YouTube. One of the most popular festivals in Philadelphia, the folk festival might just entice you to cancel your August plans and head for the birthplace of America.

Other festivals in Philadelphia are cultural, including the 9th Street Italian Market Festival. Each May, one weekend is planned to showcase how much Italian-American culture is integrated in South Philadelphia. The area around the Italian Market is closed to traffic, and the entire neighborhood becomes the home of one of the most tasty Philadelphia events. Vendors feature everything Italian, including cheese, pasta, meats, wines, and delicious pastries. After the live cooking demonstrations, you can continue your cultural getaway with an exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The museum gained significant press in 2009 because of its Picasso exhibition, and it regularly features new shows.

If you’re looking for a free event in Philadelphia, there are parades and fireworks to thrill the family. The 4th of July is an especially festive time in Philly, and the crowds arrive to show their patriotic spirit. For an entire week Philadelphia celebrates the 4th of July with fun for the whole family. From concerts to parades to everything possible decked out in red, white, and blue, the city shows its pride on our nation’s birthday. Other summer events include a variety of outdoor concerts and a Hispanic Fiesta. Highlights of the winter include the International Auto Show in late January/early February.

Whether the Philadelphia folk festival or annual restaurant week brings you to the city, you’ll be surprised at the quality and diversity of the offerings. Each neighborhood has a festival or celebration all its own, and there are many reasons to discover each. From history to breweries to shopping, Philadelphia is building a reputation for many things other than events. You may wind up in Philadelphia for a sports game or a concert, but you will leave with a whole new appreciation for a city that you didn’t know was so modern, stylish, and exciting.

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