Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park is a favorite destination among both locals and visitors to Philadelphia. From attending a concert at the outdoor Mann Center to taking a boat out for an afternoon row, there are numerous activities for families, couples, and individuals in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. Comprising 63 neighborhood parks and 9,200 acres, this citywide park system has something to offer all residents and guests. Whether you find yourself in Philadelphia during the warm days of spring and plan to go rollerblading, or you'd rather build a snowman amid the pristine scenery of winter, you’ll be glad you incorporated Fairmount Park into your itinerary.

One of the most popular destinations in the park is Boathouse Row. The peaceful Schuylkill River is an ideal location for an afternoon on the water, and Boathouse Row makes it all possible. A handful of boathouses with kayaks for rent allow anyone with an interest in rowing to give it a try. With a location as beautiful as Fairmount Park and the backdrop of Philadelphia, even people with no experience in a boat will enjoy the afternoon. Boathouse Row is located near the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and it promises an enjoyable and relaxing experience for the whole family.

For those visitors who prefer dry land, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. Bartram’s Garden is one popular attraction and features the eighteenth-century home and gardens of botanist John Bartram. The oldest surviving botanical garden in North America, this attraction is a must-see for anyone with an interest in plants and flowers. Many exotic species are on display in his former garden and greenhouse. While admission is free, some visitors may want to splurge on the $10 guided tour for more information. Open daily, this is a great place to spend an afternoon in Fairmount Park, especially in good weather.

The kids will love Philadelphia Zoo, also housed in the park. This was the first zoo in the United States, and the original ticket cost just 25 cents. In 2006, a Big Cats exhibition opened, featuring snow leopard cubs and cougar kittens. Other animals of interest include elephants, birds, and orangutans. The history of the zoo combined with Fairmount Park in Philadelphia being the location of the centennial of the United States in 1876 has put the park on the map of the National Register of Historic Places.

Other historical attractions in the park include old mansions, the Please Touch Museum, and many reservoirs and statues. Whether you choose to enjoy the park by hiking a nature trail or attending a concert by one of the biggest contemporary artists, you’ll be glad you made a trip to Philadelphia. Beyond the parklands, be sure to visit the old Italian Market, the historic Eastern State Penitentiary, and one of the many sports arenas that contributes so much to the fun atmosphere of the city of Philadelphia. Few other cities have such a great combination of historical charm, green space, and diversity of culture.

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