Please Touch Museum

The Please Touch Museum is a must-see if you're bringing kids on your trip to Philadelphia. This children’s museum is focused on kids ages 7 years and younger, and it encourages them to throw away all rules that usually apply to museums. Located in Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park, it is easy to combine a morning at Boathouse Row or the Eastern State Penitentiary with a visit to this children’s museum in Philadelphia. Interactive exhibits, a café that features healthy foods, and even a walking piano all make a trip to the museum an especially fun learning experience.

Please Touch Museum
Please Touch Museum

The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia is open seven days a week and is closed only on major national holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day). A great day to visit the Please Touch Museum is on a Monday, when school groups aren’t scheduled for a visit. In addition, another popular attraction, the Italian Market, is closed on Monday, making it a great day to visit this children’s museum in Philadelphia. If you’re concerned about larger groups during your visit, arrive in the afternoon versus the morning. School groups tend to arrive at the museum during the morning and return to school in the afternoon, leaving the exhibits free and open for visiting families.

One of the most popular experiences at the museum is the walking piano. Made famous in the movie Big, the walking piano allows children to make music by walking over the keys. Bringing together playtime with music and dance, this exhibit is a favorite for all kids who explore the museum. Another favorite exhibition is the replica of the arm and torch from the Statue of Liberty. The Alice in Wonderland play area is especially popular, and many children run straight toward the Flight Fantasy exhibit. All areas of the children’s museum in Philadelphia encourage kids to learn by touch, feel, experience, and sound.

The Please Touch Museum has one price for children and adults, $15 per person. Members are granted access for free, so if you live nearby or plan on visiting often, you may want to consider becoming a member. While some children’s museums ignore the youngest clientele, this museum in Philadelphia has crafted play areas for toddlers as well. Throughout the museum there are play areas that are designed for toddlers and their parents. In addition, it's worth coming back for a return visit, as not all exhibitions at the museum are permanent. For example, in early 2010 a nature exhibit called Exploring Trees: Inside and Out exposed kids to bird’s nests, the sounds and smells of nature, and as always the "sensation stations," which encourage kids to use their sense of touch to learn.

Older kids will enjoy exploring the opportunities for their future careers in the City Caper exhibit, where they can pretend to be architects, city planners, shopkeepers, or medical professionals. A theater features special performances as well. Check the daily schedule when you arrive at the museum to be sure to schedule in a 20-minute show in the theater. To top it all off, a historic carousel is available for kids as well. At more than a hundred years old, the carousel has now been refurbished for the pleasure of another generation. Specializing in thrilling kids in a variety of ways, the Please Touch Museum is a must for any parent who wants their kids to know from a young age that museums can be exciting.

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