Things to Do with Kids in Philadelphia

There are many things to do with kids in Philadelphia. A trip to the birthplace of America can include history, sports, museums designed for kids, and outdoor adventures. The diverse city has romantic options for couples and kids activities in Philadelphia for families. The variety will keep all members of the family happy, and the amount of green space throughout the city lends a different feel to a vacation than solely an urban vacation. Some of the best options are the free things to do with kids in Philly, including the parks, so don't hesitate to bring the kids along on your trip—they will easily be entertained.

One of the best Philadelphia children’s activities is visiting the Please Touch Museum. An interactive museum specially designed for kids encourages them to explore with their senses. Exhibits range from those appropriate for toddlers through those for 7-year-olds, and a range of textures and sounds keeps the experience exciting. School groups can make the museum feel crowded, but if you plan a visit on Mondays, you won’t run into these crowds. On the other days of the week, school visits typically take place in the mornings, making this a great afternoon activity for the kids.

There are a few things to do with kids in Philadelphia out on the water. Fairmount Park is home to Boathouse Row, where kayaks can be rented. Less adventurous travelers may want to book a river cruise, with options for lunch, dinner, or moonlight boat trips. Kids will love the views of the skyline at night and the chance to explore the boat. Meals are included during these cruises, giving good value to the price of a ticket. Compared with museums or tours, this would be one of the more expensive kids activities in Philadelphia, but it still is one of the most memorable.

Museums can be free things to do with kids in Philly, if you plan ahead. Most museums have one day per week, or a couple hours each day, where they offer a "pay what you wish" policy to see the permanent collections. This affordable strategy is a great way to see artifacts of ancient Egypt or artistic masterpieces from Europe, even if you can't afford the full price of a ticket. It is possible to develop a love of culture in kids at a young age, and spending an hour or two in a museum is great way to do so. You might avoid trying to spend an entire day perusing the collections as kids may get bored, but it's well worth allowing them to choose an exhibit that interests them, so the whole family can share the experience.

Of all the things to do with kids in Philadelphia, sporting events are a favorite. Attending a football, baseball, soccer, or basketball game can be a great reward for well-behaved kids. One of the most popular kids activities in Philadelphia, sports offer a chance for an evening of family fun. If you’re looking for free things to do with kids in Philly, head to the parks for a picnic, biking, or rollerblading session. Adults can check out the gardens while kids blow off some steam in one of Philly’s many green spaces. If you’re visiting Philadelphia anytime near Halloween and are traveling with older kids, be sure to make reservations for the "Terror Behind the Walls" exhibit at the Eastern State Penitentiary. This haunted house in a former prison will be a memorable experience for anyone visiting Philadelphia, regardless of their age, though it may be too scary for the youngest travelers.

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