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Philadelphia transportation makes exploring the different neighborhoods of this historic city simple. A combination of trains, subways, buses, and even a historic trolley will enable visitors to see a variety of the top attractions in Philly efficiently. For instance, it is possible to see the Liberty Bell and Rittenhouse Square on the same day you take a tour at Fairmount Park or a stroll through the Italian Market. The conveniently located Philadelphia airport makes traveling from a distance easy, and ground transportation allows for affordable travel into the city. Philadelphia trains are another popular option for reaching the city, especially for travelers looking for a quick getaway from another location on the East Coast, such as Boston or Washington DC.

One of the most charming forms of transportation is the historic trolley in Philadelphia. During the twentieth century, the trolley was an extensive system of transportation throughout Philly. Fewer trolleys still operate today, as other forms of transportation have taken over, but the trolley still makes for an exciting ride. Tours of the city are also available on board historic trolleys, and these combine historical information from expert guides with seeing some of the best attractions of Philly. The subway in Philadelphia is a more modern way to travel from one area to the next, and Philadelphia buses are an option as well.

Philadelphia transportation falls under the jurisdiction of SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transport Authority), which also serves other areas of Pennsylvania and Delaware. Philadelphia trains connect Central Philly with the airport, and other areas such as University City and Manayunk, and into New Jersey and Delaware. Once you’re in the city, the subway in Philadelphia is a great way to get around. From Chinatown to Independence Hall to City Hall, there are options for the easy transportation within Center City.

If Philadelphia trains are a bit out of your budget, you can also look into Greyhound buses. With similar comfort levels, buses can be an affordable way to reach Philadelphia. Once you’ve reached the historic city, buses are also an efficient way of exploring the city. Visitors trying to reach sports venues and shopping malls often take advantage of Philadelphia buses. NiteOwl buses operate from midnight through 5 am, providing Philadelphia transportation throughout the night. If you’re out late enjoying the breweries or nightlife of Philly, you should be able to hop a bus back to your hotel or bed and breakfast.

Visitors shouldn’t expect the subway in Philadelphia to compare to other underground systems in the US. While the subway system has improved in recent years, it still is nowhere near as comprehensive as subway systems in New York for example. Philadelphia transportation is a combination of subways, buses, and trolleys, and most likely, visitors will use all of these options to get around affordably. Taxis are also available, though depending on your destination, they can be a more expensive way to travel. Don’t forget about water transportation as well, as a boat ride might just be a highlight of your trip to Philadelphia.

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