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If you’re wondering when to go to Philadelphia, you’re in luck. The truth is Philly is one of those great destinations that you can visit year-round. While temperatures do drop in winter, there are always sporting events, shopping, and food tours to keep you occupied. Heat and humidity can make travel to Philadelphia in the summer difficult for some visitors, but there are also plenty of activities to keep travelers out of the midday summer sun, including restaurants, spas, and museums. While you may want to consider Philadelphia seasons while planning your trip, it really is possible to enjoy great things about the city each month of the year.

Some travelers take crowds into consideration as they decide when to go to Philadelphia. If you’re looking to experience Philly’s markets, historical tours, and neighborhoods with local people and not swarms of tourists, it is best to avoid weekends in summer—especially the 4th of July weekend. Some travelers may think that most people head to the beaches during the summer, but there are still many who fill up the tours, restaurants, streets, and shops of Philadelphia, and the historical nature of the city makes travel to Philadelphia over the 4th of July extremely popular. If you plan to visit during this period, be sure to book your hotel in advance.

While it is possible to visit during all Philadelphia seasons, some parts of year are of course more pleasant than others. When the summer crowds have gone home and children return to school, Philadelphia is lovely to visit. September and October bring autumnal colors to the trees and parks, openings at top restaurants, and more breathing space in museums and on tours. The same can be said for springtime. While some April showers may occur, this time of year is still very pleasant for exploring Philly. Many travelers love Philadelphia in May, before the summer crowds, but when temperatures are warm enough to enjoy outdoor cafés and terraces.

Many people travel to Philadelphia for holidays, concerts, or conferences as well. The unique shops and lack of tax on retail items make the city very attractive for holiday shoppers, who come from the surrounding region to find something special for loved ones. The summer season has some of music’s biggest acts playing concerts in Philadelphia, and music fans often make a longer trip out of the show. The city is also home to many conferences and conference centers. With many opportunities to expand a work trip into a fun getaway, Philadelphia is a popular choice for business seminars and meetings.

Some travelers think the worst of Philadelphia seasons is experienced in January and February. Temperatures can be extreme, and snowfall may hinder your movement throughout the city. However, if the idea of watching the city be covered in snow from a warm café while sipping a hot chocolate is attractive to you, don’t let the weather discourage you. Some of the best deals of the year on hotels can be found during this period. If affordable accommodation is an important factor during deciding when to go to Philadelphia, consider this low season.

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