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Once known as the Steel City due to its reliance on big industry and steel mills, the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is beginning to diversify and Pittsburgh travel is becoming increasingly popular. Not only have the Pittsburgh Steelers garnered the all-important Super Bowl ring, but there are a number of things to do in Pittsburgh that involve art, culture and many other attractions. Popular among many Pittsburgh tours is Pittsburgh shopping, which is a favorite among bargain-hunters who love the chance to find high-end items without paying tax.

Although the city of Philadelphia was the center of the American Revolution, the citizens of Pittsburgh certain played their own part in the war. After the war, the city of Pittsburgh, which was at that time merely a village, began to grow quite rapidly. After the War of 1812, Americans began to realize that the production of goods at home was important. During the war, Britain had cut off supplies to the United States in an attempt to win the war. This served as a catalyst for growth and production in Pittsburgh, which quickly became a hub for industry and production. This trend for production carried into the early 20th century as Pittsburgh began producing more than 1/3 of all steel produced within the United States.

Although much of this production shrunk in the 1960s and 1970s, Pittsburgh travel has actually grown in recent years, do in large part to the number of fun things to do in Pittsburgh. One of the most popular choices for families are Pittsburgh tours of the Carnegie Science Center, located right downtown. The museum is 40,000 square feet and has a plethora of science exhibits, many of which are hands-on. Another of the most popular things to do in Pittsburgh is a trip to Mt. Washington, an observation tower in Point Park.

Pittsburgh travel to the Pittsburgh Zoo is yet another popular choice for families and visitors from out of town. The zoo covers more than 70 acres and although it is not as old as the famous Philadelphia Zoo, Pittsburgh tours of the zoo still offer views of more than 6,000 different animal species. Within the Pittsburgh Zoo visitors will also find the Pittsburgh Aquarium, where they can see harks, penguins, jellyfish and stingrays.

For the best of Pittsburgh shopping, travelers will find there are a number of great options. Ross Park Mall is one of the most pouplar and has more than 150 stores, which include department stores and specialty boutiques. Another favorite for Pittsburgh shopping is South Side, found in historic downtown Pittsburgh. South Side is the name of an area rather than a mall, and Pittsburgh shopping here takes place by shopping along the street. A few big name outfitters line the street as well as a number of specialty shops. The Mall at Robinson in the western part of the city and the Shadyside Mall are also among the best places to shop in Pittsburgh.

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