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The state of Pennsylvania is a major destination for travel in the northeast for all sort of reasons. Once the capital of the United States and the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, Pennsylvania is a great place to go to learn more about the foundation of the United States government as well as see some interesting cultural and historical sites. Pennsylvania transportation is an important part of travel through the state, and deciding whether Pennsylvania trails or Pennsylvania car rental is right for your Pennsylvania vacation is a vital step in planning the perfect Pennsylvania vacation.

Pennsylvania transportation by train is one easy way to make your way through the entire northeast and through many of the most popular tourist destination and cities in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania trains are run by Amtrak and there are actually 9 different Pennsylvania trains and route which traverse the state of Pennsylvania. For tourists coming from out of state, there are Pennsylvania trains coming north from Washington D.C. and running back south. There are also Pennsylvania train from Pennsylvania to New York, many of which make stops in the town of Erie for folks who want to camp, hike or fish along Lake Erie. Pennsylvania trains even make their way south as far as New Orleans and stop in major cities along the way. Within Pennsylvania trains stop in the towns of Philadelphia, Paoli, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Lewistown, Huntingdon, Tyrone, Altoona and Johnstown.

For Pennsylvania transportation by car travelers will also have a number of cities to choose from when looking for Pennsylvania car rental. All of the major cities of Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie and Lancaster offer Pennsylvania car rental, as do many of the smaller towns. Flights into Pennsylvania are another good way to book and find Pennsylvania car rental, as there are Pennsylvania car rental companies located at all of the airports in Pennsylvania. If you plan to fly and rent a car, consider booking these vacation costs together. Often by booking car rental and a flight with the same travel company as a package travelers will get a discount on the overall cost of the flight and the car rental. Pennsylvania hotels can also be a part of these package deals.

When driving through Pennsylvania travelers will find that roads are well maintained. Traffic can be very congested, particularly in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, so try to avoid traveling by car during peak freeway travel times (8am and 5pm) during the week whenever possible. The major highways in Pennsylvania are I-80, I-76 and I-90. I-81 is another major highway which is the main way to come into Pennsylvania from New York when traveling by car, while I-79 is the major highway which runs past Lake Erie. Travel expenses such as gas, rentals cars and train fees will be most expensive between May and September. Train tickets will be more expensive the closer you book to the date you leave, so always book your train ticket through Amtrak as early as possible to get the lowest rates. Train tickets can be purchased online, over the phone, or in person on the train.

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