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Planning a trip to Pennsylvania for a Pennsylvania family vacation or just for some sightseeing in Pennsylvania can be a great way to see some of the interesting historical sites that make Pennsylvania tourism so popular. Deciding when to go on your Pennsylvania family vacation is one important step in putting together the best trip for sightseeing in Pennsylvania. As with many vacation destinations, Pennsylvania tourism is most expensive during the summer when children are out from school and more people have time off to travel and take vacations. Depending on your Pennsylvania tourism needs, there are some ways to find inexpensive hotels even during the busiest travel seasons in Pennsylvania.

When To Go To Pennsylvania
When To Go To Pennsylvania

A trip to Philadelphia for a Pennsylvania family vacation is perhaps one of the most popular choices. Due to the popularity of Pennsylvania tourism during this time, most hotels and bed and breakfasts in Philadelphia will be charging their highest rates during the summer. Less expensive Philadelphia hotels can often be found by staying in a hotel closer to the Philadelphia airport. Travelers who plan to most of their sightseeing in Pennsylvania in downtown Philly, however, might consider staying downtown anyway, as some of the most popular sites are within walking distance of downtown, including Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the Franklin Institute. The Philadelphia Zoo and the Philadelphia Museum of Art are also popular attractions downtown for any Pennsylvania family vacation. The Betsy Ross House and some of the best places for Pennsylvania dining are also found in downtown Philly.

The Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg is another famous spot and popular vacation destination in Pennsylvania. The Gettysburg National Military Park and the Gettysburg National Cemetery are both found here in town and well worth visiting. Prices for Gettysburg hotels will also be highest during the summer. Note that most of the hotels in Gettysburg are older, historic hotels, many of which were actually built before the American Civil War.

Hershey Park in Hershey town is yet another popular Pennsylvania vacation destination, and is by far busiest during the summer. Hershey Park is a Pennsylvania's major family vacation spot and most of the hotels in town cater to families with children. As such, the most expensive time to visit this Pennsylvania vacation spot is during the summer, although some less expensive vacation packages can be found by booking golf vacation packages or other activity packages. Some hotels also offer vacation packages which combine the price of entrance to Hershey Park with the cost of your hotel and sometimes even meals for the duration of your trip in Hershey.

Lake Erie is also a great place for Pennsylvania vacations and is, like many of the spots in Pennsylvania, most popular during the summer. Pennsylvania camping trips and fishing trips are one of the biggest ways that vacationers enjoy the lake, which is by far the largest in Pennsylvania and span several states. Rental homes and rental RVs are a mainstay of summer trips to Lake Erie, as well as fishing charters for fishing trips during the day and for the afternoon along Lake Erie.

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