Rhode Island Car Rentals

Rhode Island car rentals are readily available throughout the state as they are in just about any other state across the country. Once you rent a car in Rhode Island you will find that you have more independence and freedom of movement to explore the sights and attractions of the state at your own pace. Rhode Island rental cars also provide you the opportunities to branch out and discover the neighboring states, including Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut. You can even ferry your Rhode Island rental cars on the boat to the popular Block Island, and on to Montauk, New York, and New Haven, Connecticut.

However, if you rent a car in Rhode Island and take it out of state, you should ensure that the rental company knows about your plans. You might pay extra for the privilege, especially if you plan to return it to a different point. If you have not informed the company, and have an accident in another state, there could be steep penalties. Many people combine their Rhode Island vacations with other New England and northern states, so there should be no problem with this. But there can be variations in driving laws and requirements from state to state, so you should familiarize yourself with them.

If you are flying into the state, you will land at TF (Theodore Francis) Green Field in Providence, as it's the only one of the state's airports servicing commercial passenger traffic from outside the state. Rhode Island car rentals are easily obtainable here, with most of the major national companies represented right in the terminals. You may also fly into Logan Airport in Boston, which is only just over an hour away from Providence, and it is also easy to rent a vehicle here.

Even if you've arrived in the state and arrived at your final destination without a vehicle, you can get Rhode Island car rentals in resorts and other areas not serviced by an airport. Block Island is one of these places, and you can also obtain one of the most enjoyable and practical modes of transportation to enjoy the beaches, lighthouses, and other attractions of this unique resort island—a moped. Providence luxury hotels, Newport hotels, and other more upscale properties can also assist you with renting a vehicle.

Rhode Island rental cars aren't the only vehicles for hire in this state that is the yachting and boating capital of the United States. This little state has more than 400 miles of coastline. A central geographic feature of the state is the 150 square miles of Narragansett Bay and the beaches and historic lighthouses of its more than thirty islands. Getting around from place to place by boat is one of the things to do in the state. You can rent boats for day use and for overnight stays at many places around Narragansett Bay. These aren't the only more "exotic" vehicles available for rent. In addition to mopeds on Block Island, you can rent campers and recreational vehicles for camping and fishing.

Once you rent a car in Rhode Island, or any other type of vehicle, spend some time to ensure that you are familiar with the state's rules of the road. Rental companies generally supply you with a flyer providing the basic regulations concerning insurance, driver minimum age, and speed limits. They often will also provide you with maps and guides that highlight the state's attractions and things to do. You'll find the cheapest prices and will have a better chance of getting your choice of vehicle if you book as far in advance of your scheduled arrival as possible.

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