Narragansett Bay

The Narragansett Bay is one of the main reasons why summertime vacations are so popular in Rhode Island. It's also part of the reason why boating is so huge in The Ocean State. The Narragansett Bay is the largest estuary in New England, and it separates the smaller eastern side of the state from the larger western side. The capital city of Providence can be found at the head of the bay's northernmost arm, as can the smaller city of Pawtucket, and both of these cities make for great destinations. You can also choose to spend some of your time in the Narragansett Bay archipelago if you are looking to enjoy proximity to the water. There are plenty of good Narragansett Bay hotels to choose from, so finding a good place to stay near the shoreline won't be hard.

There are more than 30 islands which make up the Narragansett Bay archipelago, the largest of which are Aquidneck Island, Conanicut Island, and Prudence Island. Aquidneck Island is the biggest island in the bay, and it is where you will find the attractive city of Newport. The towns of Middletown and Portsmouth share Aquidneck Island with Newport, and they are good places to seek discount Narragansett Bay hotels. As for the Newport hotels, they feature some of the best luxury hotels in Rhode Island, so they are more ideal if it's an upscale lodging experience that you seek. Touring grand mansions, walking along the Cliff Walk trail, and spending some time on the beach are among the top things to do in Newport, and the city is known for its fantastic annual events and festivals. Two bridges connect Aquidneck Island to the mainland, and there is another bridge that connects it with Conanicut Island to the near west.

The Claiborne Pell Bridge, which is also known as the Newport Bridge, is the bridge that you will take to get from Aquidneck Island to Conanicut Island, and if you want to continue onto the mainland, you can access the Jamestown-Verrazano Bridge. The town of Jamestown is the only town on Conanicut Island, and like Newport, it is a good place to look for Narragansett Bay hotels. The Wyndham-Bay Voyage Inn and the East Bay Bed and Breakfast are the top hotels in Jamestown. There are many historical sites to take in on a visit to Jamestown Rhode Island, including the Jamestown Windmill, which dates back to 1787, and Fort Dumpling, which was built in 1798 and can be found within the boundaries of Fort Wetherill State Park. While hanging out at Fort Wetherill State Park, you can do some boating, fishing, or hiking, and picnic sites are available if you are interested. Beavertail State Park can also be found on Conanicut Island, and it too is a terrific place to spend some time outdoors when the weather is nice. The scenic coastline here definitely makes for some great snapshots.

When visiting Prudence Island is high on your list of things to do on a Rhode Island vacation, you can hop on the ferry in Bristol to get there. Prudence Island is not connected to any other islands or to the mainland by bridges, so the ferry is actually the only way to go. Lighthouses are among the top attractions on Narragansett Bay, and Prudence Island boasts the Sand Point Light, which features the state's oldest lighthouse tower. Unfortunately, the lighthouse tower is not open to the public. You can cruise on over to Prudence Island in a small boat if you have one, and once you get here, fishing and hiking are among the top activities.

There are both dirt trails and paved trails for hikers to enjoy on Prudence Island, and the natural areas at the Narragansett Bay Estuarine Research Reserve are ideal if you want to do some birding or simply escape from manmade attractions for a while. When it's hot outside, heading to one of the beaches on Prudence Island is popular as well. Sandy Beach, which can be found on the west side of the island, is one of the top places to go swimming on the island, as are the beaches on the island's southern end. Prudence Island isn't a good place to find Narragansett Bay hotels, as there are none on the island. You will have to look to the Bristol hotels and other mainland lodging establishments when spending time in the area.

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Narragansett Bay

Narragansett Bay

The Narragansett Bay is one of the main reasons why summertime vacations are ...

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