Narragansett Town Beach

The Narragansett Town Beach is set right in the center of the historic little town, and is the most accessible for Narragansett Beach vacations if you're staying in or near the town. You can easily walk or cycle from town, avoiding the beach parking fees and hassle of finding a space. There are plenty of cottage and house rentals near Narragansett Beach that will also give you convenient access to some other very popular beaches, including Roger Wheeler State Beach on Point Judith and Scarborough Beach that's a little south of town.

Narragansett Beach facilities include two full-service pavilions with shower and changing facilities, plenty of excellent food concessions (the lemonade at Del's lemonade stand is famous with residents and visitors alike), picnic areas, and rental cabanas. There are lifeguards on duty, and the beach is wheelchair accessible. While the town has many historic attractions, Narragansett Town Beach itself is full of fascinating history.

Set right on the beach is the famous Narragansett Towers. The Narragansett Pier was once the center of social life in the late 1800s. It was full of Narragansett hotels, dining spots, and the Narragansett Pier Casino—a ballroom and entertainment venue that rivaled the Newport Casino. The pier burned down in 1900, but the lovely stone structure and towers that bridge the road and served as the entrance to the pier remain. Today, it is available for special events like weddings and reunions. If you spend a little time researching, you will find that some of the house rentals near Narragansett Beach will have a view of the towers.

Narragansett Town Beach is a half-mile-long stretch of sand. It can get crowded during the peak summer season, but if you go all the way to the northern end of the beach, it is far less crowded. There is also a little river coming from a pond that you can float on all the way down to the ocean. There is good fishing both in the pond and the river. Narragansett Beach is also good for offshore saltwater fishing or fishing off the pier, canoeing, and kayaking. If you want to get in some hiking, there's a nice bird watching trail.

Narragansett Beach is host to a number of organized things to do as well as individual activities. While not an expert class surf beach, is has good enough surf that there are surf lessons for youngsters and a youth surf league. These are excellent for young people age 17 and younger. There are also numerous volleyball tournaments and sand castle building contests.

House rentals near Narragansett Beach run the gamut from condos and townhouses to suburban houses and charming little beach cottages. Only a very few (or the very expensive) of these will have their own private stretch of beach, but these are available if you spend some time looking. Some of the nicest will be around Point Judith, where you have many vacation options from touring the historic lighthouses of the region to taking sightseeing cruises or the ferry to Block Island.

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