The Waterfront in Newport

The historic Waterfront District in Newport Rhode Island is one of the most picturesque districts of its kind in the country. Few harbor cities can boast anything close to the number of historical attractions that the Waterfront in Newport boasts, and you can bet that there is plenty going on here throughout the year. The summer months are when the Newport Rhode Island Waterfront is at its liveliest, but it's a joy to explore regardless of when you decide to visit. Staying at one of the waterfront hotels in Newport is understandably popular, as the district not only boasts some great historic sites, but plenty of shops and restaurants as well.

The Newport Yachting Center essentially anchors the Waterfront in Newport, and in addition to maintaining the city's main marina, it also offers venues for weddings and other events. Numerous festivals and special events are held at the Newport Yachting Center, and they include the Newport Spring Boat Show, the Newport Waterfront Irish Festival, and the Taste of Rhode Island, among others. The Newport Spring Boat Show takes place in mid-May, and it's the event for you if you're looking to purchase a boat. Yachts, sailboats, kayaks, canoes, and virtually every other kind of watercraft is either on display or for sale at the Newport Spring Boat Show. As for the Newport Waterfront Irish Festival, it takes place in early September and is a celebration of all things Irish. Scores of exhibitors and entertainers add to the excitement of this Celtic festival, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to sample Irish food and drink the weekend through. Speaking of eating and drinking, the Taste of Rhode Island festival at the Newport Rhode Island Waterfront is a delicious affair that showcases the talents and signature dishes of some of the state's best chefs and restaurants.

The events that are listed above are just some of the special events that you can enjoy at the waterfront in Newport, and others include the Annual Schweppes Great Chowder Cook Off, which takes place in early June, and the International Oktoberfest celebration, which is held in mid-October. While the Newport Rhode Island Waterfront festivals are great, you don't have to visit during one of them to enjoy the Waterfront District. A walking tour of the Waterfront is a fun and relaxing pursuit regardless of the season, and you can certainly do plenty of shopping while in the area. You can shop for antiques along Franklin Street, check out the jewelry and crafts shops along Spring Street, and peruse a number of unique goods along Thames Street for starters. In the heart of the Newport Rhode Island Waterfront, you will definitely have no problem finding specialty shops, not to mention restaurants. Bannister's Wharf is just one of the top places to find shops and restaurants in the heart of the Waterfront in Newport, and it also offers rooms and suites if you are interested.

Bowen's Wharf and the Brick Marketplace are other top hangouts that can be found in the heart of the Waterfront in Newport, and you will find many ways to keep busy when visiting them. At Bowen's Wharf, you can shop until you drop, indulge in a world-class dining experience, or even arrange a boat tour of the city. Condos and unique shops dominate the Brick Marketplace, which recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation. While there is plenty to do at the Waterfront in Newport during the day, things hardly slow down much at night. The Newport Rhode Island Waterfront restaurants remain popular places to eat once the sun goes down, and you can bet that the district's bars and clubs are among the top nighttime hangouts in the city.

In addition to considering the rooms and suites that are available at Bannister's Wharf when looking for Waterfront hotels in Newport, you might also consider the Newport Onshore Resort, the Newport Bay Club and Hotel, and the Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina. These are just some of the Waterfront hotels in Newport that you can choose from, however. Smaller inns like the Harborside Inn also deserve some attention when it comes to the Waterfront hotels in Newport. Regardless of where you stay in the Waterfront in Newport, you'll be right in the heart of things, which is why the hotels here are so popular.

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